November 15, 2023

DAGR Chapters Have Some Serious Fun

Tuesday, November 14. Democrats Abroad members and other American voters - veteran residents of Thessaloniki together with newbies to town - met up at the Ladadika district's beloved watering hole, The Dubliner, for the inaugural DAGR Thessaloniki Chapter Happy Hour. Home states where these overseas U.S. citizens vote include CA, FL, MA, NJ, NY and RI.

Ever wondered what Democrats Abroad do when they're not out helping other U.S. citizens to register and vote? You probably think they're debating the issues, advocating for justice, helping raise funds, and defending democracy in these fraught times. Well, you would be right. That's what we do.

But we also get together and THEN we debate the issues, advocate for justice, help raise funds ... all in the interest of defending democracy and striving toward a more perfect union. In the process, we connect with old friends, meet new ones and enjoy each other's company.

Autumn's in full swing, and Athens Chapter moves indoors out of the wind at the Olympic Rooftop.

Happy Hours in Athens since the summer, and now in Thessaloniki, serve that purpose. While we may be connected by phone and computer the rest of the time, the Happy Hour gatherings are in-person. There's no agenda, no program, just fairly like-minded folks sharing their thoughts and hashing over the latest news.

So, watch your email and social media feeds for date/place of the next one. And, if there's no Happy Hour close to you ... why not start one?