February 07, 2024

Volunteer and Join Our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Team

Volunteer and Join Our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Team

Multiple projects are currently underway that could use your help!

Phone Banking: 

Make calls to potential voters abroad is one of the most important volunteer jobs you can do. Most Americans abroad aren't called in an election even once (those back home are called hundreds of times). If you have a good internet connection and are looking for a way to hold onto the House, flip the Senate, and take back the White House. If you’re interested, please contact us here or head to our phone banking training page for more information.

Social media posts (e.g., FB and Instagram) re: voting info and Events: 

Need to customize the messaging for social media by reducing the language and adding graphics.  Estimated time: Ongoing; with more hours required as major elections occur.

Voter registration events and outreach: 

Your regional Democrats Abroad leaders will be setting up voter registration events for the 2024 Elections. It’s our best way to personally reach out to US citizens to help them figure out what they need to do to vote from abroad. You can find training materials here. And if you haven't done so already, please get in touch with us to learn about volunteering for local GOTV events. 

Event organizing:

No voter registration event near you? How about organizing one yourself? It’s easy, it’s helps us reach more voters and it’s a fantastic way to meet new friends. Or think about setting up a tabling event at a local fair, parade (think Pride!), or very trafficked public space. Or even better: organize a small fundraising event - we can help you with ideas and marketing!

Contact:  [email protected]