Global Volunteer Opportunities

We have lots of interesting opportunities for you to work on globally. Below are a few requests our global teams have.

Global teamwork is all online. If you are used to working in a virtual environment, and are a good team player, these are great roles for you.  

Design Team

Bring your design skills, copy expertise,  ideas & energy to the Party!  Working with leadership to develop, design and execute visual communications  - print & on-line.  
Time commitment:
  • Dependent on Workflow/Needs of County Committee.
  • 1 - 3 years of design and/or copy experience
  • High energy and positive attitude.
  • Passionate for engaging Americans living abroad in advancing the Democratic agenda, strengthening the Democratic Party, and winning elections.
  • Understanding of professional print and web design standards.
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite required and must have personal access to programs
If you are interested in joining the team, please email: [email protected]

GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Team

Multiple projects are currently underway that could use your help!

Phonebanking: Make calls to potential voters abroad is one of the most important volunteer jobs you can do. Most Americans abroad aren't called in an election even once (those back home are called hundreds of times). If you have a good internet connection and are looking for a way to hold onto the House, flip the Senate, and take back the White House. Please head to our phonebanking training page and get started!

Social media posts (eg, FB and twitter) re: voting info: Similar to the emails, but need to customize the messaging for social media by reducing the language and adding graphics. Any background in graphics editing would be a real plus.  Estimated time: Ongoing; with more hours required as major elections occur

Voter registration events and outreach: Your local Democrats Abroad Chapter will be setting up voter registration events for the 2020 Elections. It’s our best way to personally reach out to US citizens to help them figure out what they need to do to vote from abroad. You can find training materials at: And if you haven't done so already, please get in touch with your local Democrats Abroad Chapter to learn about volunteering for local GOTV events. You can find contact information at:

Contact: [email protected]

DA State Teams

Join the State Teams and help get out the vote in one of our Battleground States: AZ, CA, FL, GA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, and WI. Not from a battleground state? You can adopt one! With crucial races in each of these states, both up and down the ballot, we want to ensure that we send back as many votes from abroad as possible!!

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Serve on the Team Steering Committees to map out the road to the midterms
  • Help plan and organize events such as Meet the Candidates or Action Hours  
  • Provide state-specific Voter Assistance 
  • Educate and inform members on voting laws and state deadlines as well as key races and issues
  • Provide content for newsletters and social media
  • Develop state-specific voting guides and information
  • Build relationships and work together with the state Democratic Parties
  • Build coalitions with state and local organizations

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions! If you have any questions for the Individual teams, they can be contacted via their state abbreviation (e.g. [email protected]) or you can send volunteers to our new pages on the DA website.

Taxation Task Force

Multiple projects are currently underway that could use your help!

Research:  document information about members of Congress relevant to tax advocacy

Graphic Design: Create a tax advocacy pamphlet for Country Committees and Local Chapters; create a new poster for our Americans Abroad advocacy issues; update our tax advocacy materials

Communications:  Advise on a press and digital media outreach strategy in coordination with the Communications Team

Contact: [email protected] 

Technology Team

IT liaisons for global teams
The technology team needs volunteers to serve as IT liaisons for several of our global teams. 

Time commitment:  5 to 10 hours training, then 2-5 hours per week. 
Skill set: Comfortable working with content management software at a configuration level. No coding required. Need to be a good team player, accustomed to working in a virtual global environment. Fill in this survey to apply

Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus

We are just getting started! We are looking for:

Project managers

For more information, contact [email protected]

Global Black Caucus

The Global Black Caucus is looking for a Communications Lead for our team to work on our Facebook page, write a monthly news article, and handle media inquiries. 

For more information, contact [email protected]

Hispanic Caucus

Researcher - Latinx Leaders in Democrats Abroad (DA)

  • Job Description: A volunteer is needed to compile a list of DA Hispanic leaders from the present back to 1964, or as far as the researcher is able to determine. Names, voting state, and details about roles held, length of service, and how to reach the leader today should be collected. Some information will be published online as well as used for future nominations and leadership development within DA.
  • Skills & Qualifications: Good writing and interview skills.  Able to work independently, creative and self starting.  
  • Benefits:  Greater understanding of DA and the roles of Hispanic leaders in the history of the organization, stronger network developed through outreach to current and past leaders.
  • HC overview:  The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, in conjunction with other DA entities, helps identify and engage with Hispanic U.S. voters living abroad and ensure that their needs are met within the DA community, provides a forum for all DA members to better understand the issues and concerns affecting the U.S. Hispanic community, and, where needed, advocates for reforms to political issues.
  • Estimated Time: 8 hour research + 2 hours report writing + time for interviews with past DA leaders 

Contact Information: [email protected] 

Progressive Caucus

  • Researchers to compile progressive candidate lists
  • Writers to promote candidates and promote progressive issues
  • Project managers - progressive book club, speaker series, issue campaigns (campaign finance reform, Democratic Party reform, and more)
  • Media person for our global letters to the editor campaign for healthcare
  • IT support
  • Phonebankers - with enough ProDA phoners we could do call campaigns for progressive candidates. Sign up on DA’s phonebanking page.
  • Complete our action survey to volunteer with ProDA.  Or email [email protected]

Join ProDA here:

States Abroad Groups on Facebook

Moderator for the States Abroad Groups

Post to group minimum 3 times weekly with conversational comments. Share:

  • Voter registration, ballot request and ballot return dates & how to. Graphics will be supplied to you.
  • Democrats Abroad events
  • Appropriate articles on upcoming candidates and races
  • State issues facing voters in upcoming elections
  • National issues on why we vote democrat
  • Post-election results - who won, who lost, what we gained

The idea is to be conversational with the group, to lead it while giving them the voter information they need in ahead of schedule.

The primary goal is to get our members to vote.

The second goal is to increase membership so we can influence more voters.

You will be supported and guided by the Admin who oversees all 50 states abroad groups. From time to time the admin might post to your group, or ask you to Share posts from a centralized page on Facebook.

For more information, contact [email protected]