Medicare - What You Need to Know

Medicare and Americans Abroad

Join us on February 19th for a practical explanation of what Medicare is, how it is funded, to whom it is available and the nature of coverage it does or can include.  Find out what kind of decisions you will have to make – either now or in the future – and how these decisions and programs can significantly impact your future financial and insurance coverage situation.  These decisions are important for people with disabilities and seniors, but knowing what is coming is important for all Americans overseas – whether you plan to stay abroad or move back to the US.

Our panelists are Democrats Abroad members and Americans living abroad who are working on legislation to better the opportunities of Americans abroad and who will share their knowledge, experience and plans for the future with you. Please note that this panel will give neither financial advice nor expert opinion on individual situations.  The webinar will be recorded, and all the documents presented in this webinar will be sent to anyone who RSVPS for the event.

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Our Panelists:

Heather Stone, Chair Medicare Medical Portability Task Force
Philippe Blumenthal, CEO of the Government Savings Institute
Toni Kamins, Medicare Medical Portability Task Force and Chair of GSC Medicare Part B Committee

This event is co-hosted by DA's Global Seniors Caucus, Medical Portability Task Force, and Global Disability Caucus.

Vancouver, CA 5:30 AM
Washington DC 8:30 AM
London, UK 1:30 PM
Berlin, Germany 2:30 PM
Tel Aviv, IL 3:30 PM
Nairobi KE 4:30 PM
Mumbai, IN 7:00 PM
Beijing, CN 9:30 PM
Tokyo, JP 10:30 PM

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February 19, 2023 at 8:30am - 10am Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Peter McKown Susan Hanson Susan Bernstein John Quintana Gayle Williams Christel Chase Katie Solon Brigit Baur Kenneth Sherman R.R. Jacobs Colleen Blake Andrea Host-Barth Jeffrey Verhey Susan Wolfe Irisita Azary James Finlay Heather Sandin-Baumann Bruce Murray Tina Tucker Jeannie Shapiro Suzanne Tuzes Rita Grainge Saras Ganapathy Kevin Rabalais margaret childers Yenlin Zhang Isabella Isola Sylvia Wallach Squire Laura Thompson Jo Ann Brimmer Brad Wisniewski Dana Freling Barbara Dooley Winnie Tan Doris Wibunsin William Kip Anuradha Mitra Ghemawat Stephen Perrenod Carl Gardner Jeremy Mazzola Sally Sprinkle Mary Rathgeb Cheryl Traiger Josh Bellin Zoya Vassilieva Glenn Stein Byron Meador Pamela Combastet

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