Monthly Tiny Actions, June 2017

As anyone paying close attention to the Senate hearings and closed-door health care legislation drafting going on just this week can tell you, this summer is shaping up to be an important one in Washington. To keep up the pressure on Congress and the White House, Democrats Abroad joins our fellow DNC state parties in a full slate of Resistance Summer activities. Like every month, we encourage you to use the time you have to amplify our voice on issues of importance to all (overseas) Americans. Here are some suggestions for June:


If you have FIVE MINUTES:

    Call your members of Congress and explain how Residency Based Taxation (RBT) would resolve most problems currently faced by US taxpayers overseas. You can find complete information on DA's RBT campaign here; our sample script for your calls can be found here.

    Tag five American friends overseas on social media and challenge them to participate in the RBT Congressional Call Storm, too (find the Facebook event here).

    We only have one planet, so call your governor and mayor to urge them to support the Paris Climate Agreement. Find a sample calling script here.

    With ACA reform being drafted in secret, now is the time to call your senator to urge them to oppose Trumpcare. Sample calling scripts for Republican and Democratic senators can be found here.

    #PrideIsResistance – show yours and join DA's LGBT caucus today. Allies always welcome!


If you have AN HOUR:

    Attend or host an RBT Congressional Call Storm party, using the RBT Campaign in a Box found here.

    Attend or host a local Pride event poster-making party. Find inspiration for your signs on our Pinterest boards!


If you have A FEW HOURS:

    March in a local Pride parade or volunteer at a DA table at a Pride event near you. Find information on global Pride events here.


Thanks as always for your time. Feel free to share this message with anyone you would like to encourage to join you in taking action this month.