October 22, 2018

Democrats Abroad South Africa is back!

A group of American men and women unhappy with the state of the Union and ready to work to turn it around relaunched DAZA Johannesburg this weekend.

The event was an informal meet-up on Saturday, October 20 at the Sandton Field and Study Centre in Parkmore. They discussed the need for voting support, the need to organize around elections and issues, and the need to connect to community especially while living abroad.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote in the midterms, it may be too late from South Africa -- but check with the experts at [email protected] because you might still be able to vote. For everyone, it’s not too late to work for change in 2020!

Join the community of Americans living abroad who have played a crucial role in close elections in the past – and can do it again.

We are drawing up a calendar of DAZA Jo’burg events to be held before the midterms .... and beyond, all the way to 2020. We need your ideas, and your enthusiasm.

Are you interested in joining a phone banking event?

What about sending postcards and emails to politicians who vote well – or badly?

Can you help to get out the vote, organize picnics and parties, suggest speakers?

Are you ready to share your ideas with other Democrats who can help to carry them out?

Will you join the community of dedicated Americans ready to make a difference?

Connect with DAZA Johannesburg at https://www.democratsabroad.org/za