November 04, 2023

DASA News Nov 2023-Elections Ahead!

Here we are, November 2023! Tuesday is election day in the US with critical statewide elections coming up in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Virginia. To those who have cast your ballots from abroad, thank you. If you have family or friends in these states please reach out today and remind them to vote!  There are also local elections taking place across the country. We know how vital each and every elected position is these days. 

It's a heavy time in the world right now. Between the mass shootings in the US and the impact of the wars, we are all feeling a heightened sense of grief and anguish. “As a long-standing rule in Democrats Abroad, we do not comment on foreign affairs, foreign politics, or issues within countries that are not the United States.” This is primarily to protect Americans around the world and diplomatic processes. As people who care about the world around us, we must continuously fight for humanity, freedom, understanding, peaceful solutions and against prejudice, hate and violence everywhere. Our thoughts and hearts are with all affected. 

One of the strengths of our democracy is freedom of speech. We can use that freedom regularly to engage in advocacy and to contact our leaders in the US. Our voices do matter!

Contact your Representatives in the House

Contact your Senators  

Contact The White House

And on a note of hope - we do have to stay hopeful - shout out to the Springboks for bringing the 2023 Rugby World Cup home and showing us what we can do when we work together!  #StrongerTogether  

With Love and Solidarity, Liz O’Leary
DASA Chair 
[email protected]


Mark your calendars for 5-12 March. What is referred to as the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary starts on Super Tuesday and runs through the following week. We will have events taking place, we'll be requesting our 2024 overseas ballots, voting in the primary and actively seeking new voters in South Africa for the 2024 election cycle. We’ll need volunteers around the country and look forward to your involvement! 

Actions - Support a Presidential Candidate 

Presidential candidates must meet specific criteria to be listed on the DA Presidential Primary Ballot, one of which is submitting a petition signed by a minimum of 300 Democrats Abroad members. By signing these petitions, you're endorsing candidates and taking the first step toward making your voice heard in the GPP.

CLICK HERE for more info and to sign in support of Primary Candidates 

Actions - Delegate Candidate Information Sessions

Are you interested in running for a Democrats Abroad delegate position to the Democratic National Convention next August in Chicago? Here's your chance to get more information!

On Friday, November 10, at 2 a.m. ET and 2 pm ET, the Democrats Abroad Affirmative Action Committee and the Global Presidential Primary Committee will run online workshops to introduce you to the ins and outs of running for delegate. 

Delegate Candidate Information Sessions on Friday, November 10, 2023. Click on the links to RSVP 

Session One - 2 am Eastern 

Session Two - 2 pm Eastern 



Help Us Update Our DASA Membership Database! 

You would have received an email Friday morning asking you to update your membership. It’s important that we have a current membership database as we prepare for the 2024 elections. We want to ensure you get the information you need to vote in your state. You can easily click the buttons on that email to update your details or you can log in and take 3-5 min to update your profile. If you have changed your contact details please do update them. 

Can you take 3 minutes now to update your profile?

  • Log in
  • In the top right corner click on your photo (or the empty circle) then  Account Settings. 
  • Update the info in the Public and Private drop downs and Email Preferences Tabs
  • Please provide a South African cell number if you have one 
  • Even if all of your details are correct, please click SAVE PROFILE SETTINGS as this updates a time stamp on your profile so we'll know its current :) 

If you’ve left South Africa you can either change your details to another country, join the Democrats Abroad Alumni group, or simply delete your membership. 


Let’s Build our Team and our Momentum in SA 

We’re looking for volunteers around the country with a wide range of skills, interests and availability. Keen to get involved? Please complete our DASA Volunteer Interest Form (HERE)  or email [email protected]


Democrats Abroad honours those who serve. Thank you!  

Read the Veterans & Military Families Caucus November Newsletter HERE - lots of interesting info here! 

To join the caucus CLICK HERE 


We’ll be scheduling more events in SA soon. In the meantime, visit the Democrats Abroad Event Page for events happening around the world. 

Here are a few upcoming global events:

Sunday 5 Nov - 8AM Eastern / 15:00 SAST
Saving Democracy with David Pepper 

Join Democrats Abroad China for a discussion with “Saving Democracy” author David Pepper for a discussion of his written works and to learn what YOU can do to get America voting and politically active.


Wednesday 8 Nov - 11:00am Eastern / 18:00 SAST 
The 2024 Road to Victory in California

The 2022 midterms made it clear that victories in California’s swing districts will put Congress back in Democratic hands. Our votes from abroad could make the difference.


Tuesday 14 Nov 12:00 ET / 19:00 SAST
The Road to COP28: Why Electing Democrats in ‘24 is Key to the Global Climate Agenda

The Democrats Abroad Environment & Climate Crisis Council host Sen Ed Markey (MA) and Michelle Deatrick, the Chair of the DNC's Climate Crisis Council.



Interested in hosting an event or have an idea on finding American voters in SA? Let us know [email protected]


A few articles, data and research...

  • U.S. economy grows at blockbuster pace in third quarter (Washington Post) READ HERE 
  • Rep. Hakeem Jeffries delivers awesome speech challenging Republicans to govern (by reminding the House how Democrats govern) WATCH HERE 
  • Framing 101: Metaphors, moral systems and the politics of your brain
    Take a look at this site – from Dr George Lakoff READ HERE
  • Dear Democrats: Stop talking about Biden’s age and focus on his accomplishments READ HERE
  • Tufts Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) 

Take a look and let’s see what we can put into use!

 The CIRCLE Growing Voters report includes specific research and recommendations for multiple fields and stakeholders who must play a role in the task of supporting youth electoral learning and engagement. That includes K-12 schools, community organizations, parents and families, election officials, policymakers—and of course young leaders themselves.

The youth vote is critical and its their future we're voting for! 



Americans in South Africa are invited to get in touch and get involved, contact us at [email protected]



Join our WhatsApp group


Do you know other Americans in SA or living abroad? Ask them if they vote and encourage them to go to for info on voting in their state. 

Please also invite them to become members of Democrats Abroad at  


The Power of Ten - Split Donation Sustaining Donor Drive 

Democrats Abroad is volunteer driven but we encourage you to support our work with a donation.  South Africa is still in the early stages of re-establishing ourselves as a formal Country Committee and we need your support as we gear up ahead of the 2024 elections! While raising funds for our local Get Out the Vote initiatives is essential, we also benefit immeasurably from the rapidly growing work of the global Democrats Abroad body and recognise the need to support their work, so we don’t have to duplicate efforts in each country. Can you contribute?  

Donations can be split evenly between DA Global and Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) on our split donation page. Are you able to make a monthly contribution? Once off contributions are also welcome! 

You don’t have to give big amounts to make an impact. A $10.00/month contribution from 10 people can get us where we need to go! (PS – larger amounts are welcome too!)

Donating can be a great way to support the work of the organisation on behalf of all Americans living abroad and an opportunity to play your part in supporting Democracy at home.

Would you rather donate 100% to DASA? Your contribution is welcome via this page: 


Thank you! 

Democrats Abroad South Africa