December 05, 2023

DASA News Dec 2023

December in South Africa is a time of winding down the year behind us, reflecting, reenergising, and planning for the year ahead. We wish you happy holidays, safe travels and quality time with friends and family! Within Democrats Abroad we have already been gearing up for the 2024 election year and after the break we'll encourage you to get involved in our work to find Americans in SA; build community; and ensure we all have the info we need to register, request our ballots, and vote! This is a volunteer-led organisation and we can only build that momentum with your help! Please diarise some time throughout 2024 to play your part in supporting our country's democracy

Overall, the Nov 2023 elections were good for Democrats and the country! There were many articles on the Democratic wins (and losses) - a SWOT analysis of sorts in these articles! Here's one from PBS. There has also been all sorts of conjecture and some fear mongering from the media related to polls. The media are definitely doing their best to solicit clicks and having an outsized impact on perception through their headlines. We'll need to ensure the media don't determine the elections! 


1. DIVERSITY SURVEY - All members are encouraged to complete this Diversity Survey from the Democrats Abroad Affirmative Action Committee (literally takes just a few min!) Complete the survey HERE by 12 December 

2. DASA VENUES & EVENTS SURVEY - As we plan for 2024 we'd appreciate your input. Please take a min to let us know where, when and what you'd be interested in. Share ideas HERE 

3. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE - Thanks to all who have confirmed that they are still in SA and/or updated their info. If you haven't yet, please either click one of the boxes in the emails we're sending out or log in to the Democrats Abroad website to update your details in the database. (See steps outlined below) 

4. VOLUNTEER - Decide how you'd like to be involved in Democrats Abroad next year and complete one of the volunteer interest forms below (DASA or Global IT) 

5. DONATE - Can you contribute to DASA's 2024 Get Out The Vote efforts? Any amount is welcome! Perhaps $10 per month or $100 once off? Donate HERE 


With Love and Solidarity, Liz O’Leary
DASA Chair
[email protected]





Priority #1 for 2024: Register & Request Your Ballot

Please diarise to Request your 2024 Ballots (send in your FPCA) on or before 15 January at

We'll also ask each of you to reach out to other Americans in SA or elsewhere abroad to request their ballots too! 

Voter Assistance will be available via Zoom the weekend of 13-14 Jan...let's do this! 



5-12 March

Mark your calendars for 5-12 March. What is referred to as the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary starts on Super Tuesday and runs through the following week. We will have events taking place, we'll be requesting our 2024 overseas ballots, voting in the primary and actively seeking new voters in South Africa for the 2024 election cycle. We’ll need volunteers around the country and look forward to your involvement! 

DASA's AGM is also scheduled during this week of activities for Monday 11 March.  



Help Us Update Our DASA Membership Database!

Thank you to all who have responded thus far! 

It’s important that we have a current membership database as we prepare for the 2024 elections. We want to ensure you get the information you need to vote in your state. You can easily click the buttons in the emails we're sending out or you can log in and take 3-5 min to update your profile. If your contact details have changed, please do update them. 

Can you take 3 minutes now to update your profile?

  • Log in above  (
  • In the top right corner click on your photo (or the empty circle) then  Account Settings.
  • Update the info in the Public and Private drop downs and Email Preferences Tabs
  • Please provide a South African cell number if you have one 
  • Even if all of your details are correct, please click SAVE PROFILE SETTINGS as this updates a time stamp on your profile so we'll know its current :)

If you’ve left South Africa you can either change your details to another country, join the Democrats Abroad Alumni group, or simply delete your membership. 




Volunteer: Let’s Build our Team and our Momentum in SA 

We’re looking for volunteers around the country with a wide range of skills, interests and availability. Keen to get involved? Please complete our DASA Volunteer Interest Form (HERE)  or email [email protected]


Tech Skills Needed at Global Level - Call for Volunteers 

The Global DA Data & Analytics Team, the DA IT Team, and the DA Comms Teams are looking for volunteers with technically oriented familiarity and skills who can contribute to our work in supporting fellow DA leaders and our back-end data management processes.

Do you like playing with spreadsheets, working with data, video editing, or just helping fellow DA volunteers with technical support? 

See the specific skill-sets we are looking for HERE

VOLUNTEER HERE via this form 



Contact your elected officials in the US and share your priorities, suggestions and concerns. Your Voice Matters! While Democrats Abroad doesn't engage in foreign affairs, you can contact the White House and Congress directly. 

Contact your Representatives in the House

Contact your Senators  

Contact The White House



Florida’s Abortion and Clean Water Amendments Can Get In the State Constitution with Your Help! Florida requires petitions to be sent in by post (hmmm, wonder what they're afraid of) and these two petitions have a deadline of 31 Dec so please encourage the FL voters in your life to act on them and if you're visiting the States over Dec it would be a great time to send these in.

Watch a discussion on the FL Reproductive Freedom Petition HERE 

Watch a discussion on the FL Clean Water Petition HERE


We’ll be scheduling meetups and events in SA throughout 2024. In the meantime, visit the Democrats Abroad Event Page for events happening around the world. 

Here are a few upcoming global events:

Thursday 7 Dec - 9:30 am Eastern / 4:30 pm SAST

Join our call with Quentin Fulks, Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Biden-Harris 2024. He'll spend time with Democrats Abroad sharing President Biden’s policy stance on Americans abroad issues and other issues, too, time permitting. RSVP HERE 


Thursday 14 December - 2 pm Eastern / 9 pm SAST

Join us for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Launch with Rep. Maxwell Frost

December 14th commemorates the twelfth anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. In remembrance of the 20 children and six educators who lost their lives on that fateful day, Democrats Abroad is will launch our Gun Violence Prevention Action Team.

We are privileged to have Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost (FL-10) join us to share his insights on gun control and discuss proactive measures to avert mass shootings. We hope you will join us for this very special event.



Saturday 6 January - 8AM Eastern / 3 pm SAST
Please note the time in the graphic appears to be wrong

Truth, Accountability, and Protecting Democracy:  Congressman Jamie Raskin on Jan 6 Justice and the Power of the Vote



Saturday 13 Jan - 8:00am Eastern / 3 pm SAST

Women Vote: Shaping the Future of 2024 and Beyond

Attention all women and allies! The Global Women's Caucus has an exciting event coming up that you definitely don't want to miss. Join us for a discussion on how we can shape the future of our country and beyond! 



Interested in hosting an event or have an idea on finding American voters in SA? Let us know [email protected]



A few articles, data and research...

Democrats Abroad Podcasts & Recordings:

  • Democrats Abroad: The Blue Vote Café - How to Save Democracy with David Pepper (and more episodes) HERE

  • The Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus recent panel discussion with California's 14th District Congressman Eric Swalwell, Vermont State Party Leader David Glidden, and North Carolina State Party Leader Anderson Clayton, to hear their thoughts on the power and importance of the youth voice and vote in 2024. WATCH HERE 

  • From Tax Sessions to Caucus events, State Team discussions and COP28 - check out the Democrats Abroad YouTube channel HERE 
  • Rosalynn Carter, the generous and principled Steel Magnolia committed to grassroots democracy (DASA Member John Stremlau in Daily Maverick) READ HERE 


In the media:

  • I Was Obama’s 2012 Campaign Manager. There’s No Need to Panic Over Biden. (Jim Messina in Politico)  READ HERE 

  •  Five challenges Black voters want tackled in 2023 (Cheyanne M. Daniels in The Hill)

  • Behind Biden’s 2020 Victory: An examination of the 2020 electorate, based on validated voters (Pew Research Center) READ HERE

  • Debunking Democracy Myths this holiday season (Democracy Docket) READ HERE 

  • Biden Administration Announces Rule to Cut Millions of Tons of Methane Emissions (NYT)

  • Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate (NYT) READ HERE 

  • Opinion Q&A with Mitch Landrieu: Why doesn’t Biden get credit for his achievements? (Washington Post)
    “In two short years, we have more than 40,000 projects that are funded in the country in 4,500 communities in all 50 states, the territories and Washington, D.C. That’s incredible.” READ HERE 

From the White House: 

  • Take a look at these resources from the White House on investment and infrastructure across the states. The Biden-Harris Administration is investing in the country, across the country, for the future! 


Americans in South Africa are invited to get in touch and get involved, contact us at [email protected]



Join our WhatsApp group



Do you know other Americans in SA or living abroad? Ask them if they vote and encourage them to go to for info on voting in their state.

Please also invite them to become members of Democrats Abroad at  


Thank you! Until next year...

Democrats Abroad South Africa