October 19, 2022

Applications for student loan relief are now open!

Early reports confirm that the Department of Education's application form page is blocked outside of the U.S..

In order for Americans abroad to apply for the student loan relief online right now, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Use a VPN to access the online form. Click here to follow simple instructions on how to enable a U.S. VPN on your computer. More secure options include ProtonVPN (free) and PrivateInternetAccess (paid).*
  2. Once the VPN is enabled, go to the student loan relief website by clicking here or copy and paste this link: https://studentaid.gov/debt-relief/application
  3. Filling in the form requires a U.S. phone number. You can use a family or friend's U.S. phone number or set up a virtual U.S. phone number. Some free and paid options to set up a U.S. phone number outside the U.S. are available by clicking on this link.

Democrats Abroad have reported these issues to government officials and they're aware of the problems and they're working on fixing it, but we do not know how long it will take to fix. In the meantime, you can follow these instructions for how to access and submit the form online.

For the time being, the application is online only in English and Spanish. A paper application will be available later when you'll be able to mail or fax.

As a result of a court order from a group of Republicans, Federal Student Aid is temporarily blocked from processing debt discharges. Application forms are still open, so you are encouraged to apply. Applications will be processed as soon as possible. The news on this is changing quickly right now, so we recommend you periodically check back here for updates. If you've not yet sent your absentee ballot back to the U.S. for the November 8th election, please do so ASAP. Overseas mail delivery is slow, please opt for email ballot if your state allows. For more info on how to return your ballot click here.

What can you do to help us get these problems fixed sooner rather than later?

  1. Report your application form error message using this quick form: https://demsabroad.typeform.com/to/DGPna1tS 
  2. Call your Members of Congress and tell them to remove the block and requirement for a U.S. phone number on the student loan relief application form by clicking here. Then email us at [email protected] to let us know that you contacted your Members of Congress.

Not sure if you qualify for the federal student loan relief or how to get it?

Watch the Student Loan Relief for Americans Abroad webinar to find out if you qualify:

Click here to download the slides from the webinar.

Spot the scams

Click here to read from the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Advice about spotting student loan debt relief scams. Remember, no one will ever ask you to pay for student loan debt relief.

* Any information you submit using a 3rd party software can subject your personal information to being sold and use is at your own risk. Democrats Abroad does not endorse or recommend any VPN companies or software. No liability is accepted by Democrats Abroad.

Last update: Saturday, October 22, 2022 4:04pm EDT