February 15, 2019

2019 DAVI Board Candidate Slate




  • Provides agenda and chairs regular Chapter Board meetings

  • Provides leadership for GOTV initiatives

  • Chairs the Chapter AGM every two years

  • Represents the Chapter at the DA Canada (DACA) monthly Board meetings


  1. Heidi Burch: “I’ve been active in DAVI since 2012 as a Member-at-large, helping to set up events to foster the DAVI community and Get Out the Vote, such as the Sticky Wicket Pub meetups, registration events at the Victoria Public Library and setting up the annual Tax Seminar. I have also been active with DA Canada, where I am currently Exec Vice-Chair, and with DA Intl, where I am continuing in my role as chair of the GOTV team.”


  • Chairs Chapter Board meetings in the absence of the Chair

  • Assists in providing leadership for GOTV initiatives

  • Steps in for Chair as needed


  1. Jim Ham: “I'm a US/Canada dual citizen living in Victoria BC since 1972 working as a musical instrument craftsman. I was born in Augusta GA but vote in my last place of US residence, Bellevue WA. I have a long standing interest in US politics and have felt a strong concern for the recent horrible developments in my birth country. While I do vote I feel like I need to do more, working with Democrats Abroad seems like a good way for me to contribute. I do have experience serving as a board member, I have served on the board of the Civic Orchestra of Victoria for many years (where I also play the violin). In the days leading up to the mid-term election I did canvassing with DA board member Jena Magnus in WA district 8 for candidate Kim Schrier.”

SECRETARY - Jena Magnus (Acting) (Aug 2018 - March 2019)

  • Schedules regular Chapter Board meetings

  • Takes minutes of Chapter Board meetings and distribute them to the Board


  1. Jena Magnus: “I have served as the DAVI Secretary since August 2018. As a RN I worked as Admin Support for several large interdisciplinary provincial healthcare teams. I ensured people had the right information at the right time, members were kept up to date, & our activities stayed on track. I look forward to bringing my experience working with high performance teams to the DAVI.”

TREASURER - Jon Scheer (Acting) (Aug 2018-March 2019)

  • Provides Chapter financial reports at regular Board meetings and at the biannual AGM

  • Manages and maintains Chapter bank account, donations (cash and online) and Chapter expenses


  1. Jon Scheer: "I have served as DAV Treasurer since August, 2018. I have over 20 years experience as a tax accountant and have been in prior years Treasurer for 2 non-profit theatre groups, one here in Victoria and the other in Denver. I currently act as bookkeeper for Langham Court Theatre."


  • Works with the DA Canada Membership Secretary on annual Membership Verification

  • Learns to use the DA Nation Builder online membership management system

  • Send welcome message to new members via email (template)


  1. Marilyn Mahan


  • Sends event invitations and updates to DAV members, using the DA Nation Builder online email system

  • Updates and maintains the DAVI Facebook page

  • Updates the DAVI events web page in Nation Builder

Candidates: None


  • Raises awareness of Democrats Abroad on campuses in the Chapter area

  • Coordinates on-campus voter registration events

  • Coordinates outreach to US citizens on-campus (non-DA members)

  • Liaises with the DA Canada point person on the DA Global Study Abroad Youth Outreach Team

  • Initiate and support DAVI-affiliated clubs on campus

Candidates: None


Attend regular Chapter Board meetings and the biannual AGM

  • Contribute skills and experience in support of GOTV initiatives

  • Work on planning events and help to run events: GOTV, tax seminars, biannual AGM, Thanksgiving Dinner, election-year debate nights, etc.

Candidates: None