TTF To Visit Washington DC Next Week

The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force will be meeting with Congressional Leaders in Washington DC next week to discuss tax advocacy priorities including but not limited to residency based taxation, simplified filing, FATCA reform, and GILTI.

The team is currently very busy confirming meetings and preparing for the visit.

Many offices are not doing in-person meetings due to COVID, and so virtual meetings are being scheduled for the week of June 13.

A summary of progress made during this concentrated effort of tax advocacy will be shared later in June.



Statement from the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force on the DA Global meeting on May 21-22

Democrats Abroad hosted its annual global meeting on May 21-22. On the agenda, Saturday was allocated for presentations focused on mobilizing the overseas vote in this critical midterm election year, while Sunday's agenda focused on internal business.

3 hours of the Sunday internal business agenda included voting on resolutions and charter amendments.

The DA charter amendments are updates and changes made to the document that outlines the rules that DA follows as an organization. There were 8 on the agenda to be voted on.

DA resolutions are broadly, statements made regarding policy and positions where DA stands as an organization. There were 11 on the agenda to be voted on.

On Sunday, 5 non-controversial resolutions were voted on as a package as the first agenda item in the 3 hour period, in an attempt to save time. All 5 of these resolutions passed.

The remaining amount of time on Sunday was spent discussing one particular resolution to create a Special Committee on FEC compliance for Democrats Abroad. This resolution was deemed controversial, hence why so much time was taken to discuss and vote on this particular resolution. The FATCA repeal resolution was on the agenda to be discussed and voted on after the FEC resolution.

With 1 hour remaining, a motion was made to extend the meeting by 2 hours, but the motion failed. The DPCA accomplished voting on and passing the FEC resolution. Given that time was not extended, the remaining resolutions and none of the Charter Amendments were voted on during the meeting this year.

It is a grave disappointment that the DPCA voting body did not have an opportunity to debate or vote on updating it's position on FATCA. Given the information that has come to light over recent months, it is clear that at the very least a discussion on FATCA is needed to review DA's current position of FATCA reform.

The TTF plans to submit the resolution at the next global meeting, which currently does not have a date set.

For those DA members that are disappointed that DA did not vote on the FATCA resolution last weekend you can email [email protected] and request that your email is forwarded to:

  • Your Country Chair
  • Your Country DPCA Representatives
  • Your Regional Vice Chair
  • The DA Global Executive Committee

Statement from the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force on the Congressional American Abroad Caucus Roundtable Discussion on May 23

Democrats Abroad is pleased to have spoken as experts at the first ever Congressional American Abroad Caucus Roundtable Discussion on May 23. Over 30 House Members and Congressional staff were in attendance.

The meeting was focused on discussing American abroad tax and financial access issues. Members present at the discussion include Americans Abroad Caucus Chairwoman  Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Co-Chair Dina Titus (NV-8), and Congressman Don Beyer (VA-8), who co-lead legislation to better serve Americans living abroad alongside of Caucus Co-Chair María Elvira Salazar (FL-27).

The meeting was closed to the public to ensure that Congressional leaders could speak openly about how best to resolve the tax and financial access problems and issues that Americans abroad.

Actions coming out of the meeting included:

The meeting was a great success in that the Congressional American Abroad Caucus had never hosted a Roundtable Discussion, and it is the Taxation Task Force's hope that there will be more Congressional Roundtable discussions in the American Abroad Caucus in the future to provide a useful and productive forum for Congressional leaders to voice their concerns and generate productive actions to improve the lives for Americans abroad.

*Tiny Action* Add your signature in support of the FATCA Repeal Resolution

On Sunday, May 22nd, the Democrats Abroad voting body (known as the DPCA or Democratic Party Committee Abroad) will meet to vote on the FATCA Repeal resolution that the Taxation Task Force put forward to change Democrats Abroad policy. We are asking all DA members to please add your signature in support of the resolution. It takes only 1 minute.

Click here to add your signature to support the FATCA repeal resolution.


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*Tiny Action* Ask your House Rep to attend upcoming American Abroad Meeting!

The American Abroad Caucus will be hosting a meeting on Americans abroad tax and financial access issues on May 23rd, we'd like your help to get as many House reps to attend this meeting as possible. Unfortunately, it's not a public meeting, but it's a great opportunity to educate Congress on Americans abroad tax issues, and will get us one step closer to passing legislation that will provide the urgent relief we all need.

This action will only take *20 minutes* and will greatly help us advance our advocacy goals!


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Which Tax Strategy is Best for You? Webinar Recording

Here is the recording of the webinar we hosted called Which tax strategy is best for you? This webinar talked about the Foreign Tax Credit versus the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

This webinar was free to attend, but please consider donating to help us put on more events like this. The suggested donation for this event is $10. Click here to donate.

Click here to download the slides from the presentation


What else can you do?

  1. Register to vote in US elections at
  2. Join Democrats Abroad – it’s free! Go to to register today
  3. Donate to help us reach more Americans abroad!
  4. Sign up for our tax mailing list at
  5. Volunteer for Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force

Taxation Task Force Submission for House Financial Services Committee Hearing on April 28

Below is a copy of the submission the Democrats Abroad Global Taxation Task Force submitted to the House Financial Services Committee in advance of the hearing on Oversight of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network taking place on April 28 at 10am EDT. The TTF strongly encourages Americans abroad to submit their own statement for the record.

Click here to download a pdf of DA's submission to the House Financial Services Committee in full.


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Taxation Task Force Resolution to Update FATCA Policy from "Reform" to "Repeal"

The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force Steering Committee today voted in support of submitting a resolution to update the Democrats Abroad FATCA policy from "reform" to "repeal".

What does this mean?
Since FATCA was implemented, Democrats Abroad has advocated on behalf of Americans abroad given the breath of damage it has caused to our lives. It was through Democrats Abroad advocacy work that Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) introduced H.R.5799 - Overseas Americans Financial Access Act (aka the FATCA Same Country Exception Bill).

The main reasons we have decided to submit this resolution at this time are:
  • The information that has come to light is the following from the recently released TIGTA government report from the US Department of Treasury which said: “When the law was passed in March 2010, the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that revenue from FATCA would be $8.7 billion from FYs 2010 to 2020. To date, the IRS has been unable to quantify revenue generated from FATCA compliance activity beyond the $14 million in revenue from penalties unrelated to the campaigns, despite spending over $574 million on implementation and establishing two campaigns that have sent out 847 letters to taxpayers.” This data unequivocally and with no doubt demonstrates that FATCA has failed to perform the purpose it was intended for which was to reduce tax evasion and money laundering.
  • DA has over a decade of testimonials, surveys, and data from DA members and Americans abroad that confirms the material harm that FATCA has caused - in the most extreme circumstances reports of divorce from a non-US spouse and suicide. We have always and will continue to demonstrate leadership on issues that impact Americans abroad, submitting a resolution demonstrates this leadership.
  • The deadline to submit a resolution in order to change DA policy is this coming Thursday, April 21 and so steps we are taking are to meet this deadline.

When will it officially become Democrats Abroad policy?

There is no guarantee it will become Democrats Abroad policy at this time. A number of steps need to be taken in order for it to become official DA policy. This Thursday is the deadline to submit resolutions for consideration at the DA annual global meeting that will take place May 21-22 online. Once the resolution is submitted, it is subject to changes based on feedback from DPCA reps and the Resolutions Committee. If the resolution is selected for the agenda at the global meeting, a certain amount of time will be allotted for debate and a vote will take place. Only DPCA reps are able to vote at this meeting, but any DA member can attend and observe.

What is a DPCA rep?

DPCA stands for the Democratic Party Committee Abroad. It is the acronym for the official name of Democrats Abroad. Every DA Country Committee has a certain number of DPCA reps proportionate to the number of DA members in that country. DA holds a meeting once a year called the global meeting, where resolutions are submitted to update DA policy positions. The meeting this year takes place on May 21-22.

How can I help?

  1. Sign your name in support of the resolution (deadline is this Wednesday) by clicking here. (you must be a Democrats Abroad member to add your name. You can easily join for free by signing up here).
  2. Share the link with friends and family to ask they add their name in support of the resolution, here's the link to share:
  3. Ask your DPCA voting representatives to co-sponsor the resolution in the country you live in. You can find a list of your DPCA voting reps by going to the DA country page on this website and clicking on the leadership list on the right-hand side of the page. The more co-sponsors we have, the higher the chance of it passing.

REMINDER: If you've not taken the 2022 Democrats Abroad Tax Survey of Americans Abroad yet, there's still time! Go here to take the survey: Deadline is April 30. For more information about the survey click here.

2022 Tax Survey of Americans Abroad Has Launched!

We are proud to announce that today, the Democrats Abroad 2022 Tax Survey of Americans abroad has launched!

Click here to take the survey now

Please share the survey link with all your American friends and family living abroad, and ask them to share it with people they know too. We need as many people as possible participating in the survey. You do not have to be a Democrats Abroad member to participate. Survey closes April 30th.

For more information go to the survey info page here or read the survey FAQs here.

Listen to the latest episode of the Democrats Abroad Podcast about the survey here.