July Progress on Tax Relief for Americans Abroad

Democrats Abroad is working extremely hard to get tax relief for Americans abroad into legislation being written RIGHT NOW.  July was a huge month of activity and achievement in the fight for tax reform for Americans abroad.

In this update we share -

  • DA’s success in getting tax writers in Congress to support a filing simplification for Americans abroad included in legislation this year 
  • DA’s GILTI Tax research survey NOW CLOSED for submissions by Americans abroad who own small businesses and need GILTI Tax Relief; and
  • DA’s engagement with the National Taxpayer Advocate about improvements to IRS service for Americans abroad.

Details ARE below.  Contact us at any time with questions:  [email protected]

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Constituents Won Support from Congress for Tax Relief! Register here to Tax Talk with your Rep.

In July Dems Abroad hosted zoom calls for Americans abroad whose Representatives are critical to getting tax relief for Americans abroad into legislation this year.  They were a great success!  Because of the personal stories constituents told their elected representatives about their experience with U.S. taxation, we now have support for a filing modification for those who owe no tax from seven members.  Your Representative could be next in our program of Constituents Abroad Zooms.  If you want to talk to your Rep about US taxation REGISTER AT THIS LINK.

Let's Get GILTI Tax Relief This Year. Congress needs data. THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED

Let's get GILTI Tax relief into legislation this year.  Congress needs data on Americans abroad who have small businesses hit by GILTI Tax.  If you are an American living abroad with a small to medium size business registered as a company in the country you live in please click here to do this GILTI Tax survey.  Thank you!

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How Democrats Abroad is Fighting for U.S. Tax Relief in 2021

We are in a very exciting and dynamic political cycle for tax reform.  The work of the Dems Abroad Taxation Task Force reflects the big opportunity we have to see reform recommendations we have been working on for many years included in legislation going through Congress this year.

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Democrats Abroad Recommends to Nat Taxpayer Advocate Improvements to IRS handling of Americans abroad

Democrats Abroad has written to the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate with recommendations for improving IRS service to Americans Abroad.  Download our letter here.

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Constituent Abroad Zoom Project - connecting Americans abroad to Congress about tax reform

Congress is in the process of developing important, transformational policy that will strengthen communities and advance opportunities for all Americans.  We Americans who live outside the United States must be included.  Those in the best position to persuade Congress to do that are constituents, so we are zooming them together to talk about tax reform for Americans abroad. 

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DemsAbroad Action Items for Tax Reform Activists on 15 June - International Tax Filing Day

Tax reform will happen when enough Americans abroad reach out to their members of Congress and demand it  that’s why we’re asking for your help.  We’ve prepared three tax action items for the coming week, as well as an advocacy guide, to make sure that our voices are heard back home. 

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DemsAbroad Warns Treasury That FATCA Pain Will Grow With Reporting Expansion

Democrats Abroad has written to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig about the proposal included, amongst many other measures, in the American Familes Plan Tax Compliance Agenda, to introduce reporting, by banks in the United States and not in the United States, on total cash inflows and outflows of the accounts of U.S. taxpayers.  For Americans abroad we fear it will expand the bank lockout, further restrict access to savings and investment vehicles and exacerbate stresses in dual-national families.  You can download our letter here.


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DemsAbroad Raises Critical Child Tax Credit Questions with the Treasury Secretary and IRS Commissioner

Further to perplexing advice about the Advanced Child Tax Credit published last week by the IRS, Democrats Abroad has written to the Treasury Secretary and IRS Commissioner seeking clarification about eligibility for the expanded Child Tax Credit established by Congress in the American Rescue Plan Act.  Some believe the advice indicates that American parents abroad have been deemed ineligible, but the language is not clear.  Read our letter here.  Watch the DemsAbroad Child Tax Credit Webinar here.

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Democrats Abroad asks House Tax Subcommittee to remember Americans Abroad in New Policy

On Wednesday May 12 the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures (the key tax writing subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee) held a hearing on Funding our Nation's Priorities:  Reforming the Tax Code's Advantageous Treatment of the Wealthy.  Democrats Abroad has submitted this statement for the hearing record and is following up the comments and recommendations in our statement during hearings with Ways and Means Committee members.  We encourage tax reform advocates to make a submission of their own.

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