November Tax Advocacy Action Pack

The House and the Senate Republicans are in the process of trying to pass tax reform that favors the wealthy and large corporations at the tremendous expense of the working class. Worse, the Senate bill not only cuts taxes for those who don't need it but rips away health insurance for 13 million Americans. The Senate bill will go to a vote on the floor the week after Thanksgiving. Unless there are material changes to benefit working class Americans both in the U.S. and abroad Democrats Abroad opposes the Senate Finance Committee’s bill. Make sure your Senator returns from Thanksgiving break to a great big pile of messages condemning the GOP tax bill.

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Use the sample language and contact your senators by using this link:

Please remember that when contacting your representatives to use your US voting address.

Call Congress about Taxation Reform now


Democrats Abroad has had Residency Based Taxation as part of our platform for nearly two decades, but both Democrats and Republicans living abroad agree on the need for tax reform for Americans abroad. 

After two surveys in the past few years profiling the problems FATCA  and Citizenship Based Taxation cause for Americans abroad, countless meetings with members of congress, the IRS and Treasury, and thousands of calls from our members to their representatives these issues are finally being discussed in Washington!

The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force is making another trip to Washington DC and we need your help putting a little more wind at our backs.  

Below is a list of members of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.  

If your Representative or Senator is on this list please send them an email or better yet, give them a call. 

If you need help creating your message please use our Tax Reform for Americans Abroad campaign in a box.

The contact details (phone number, postal address and email address) for the members on this list are available on the their websites which you can find using an ordinary internet search.   Senators' website addresses are normally in the format of  Representatives' website addresses are normally in the format of

bold indicates members of tax policy subcommittee

Terri Sewell - D7

David Schweikert -R 6

Devin Nunes -R 22
Mike Thompson -D 5
Linda Sanchez -D 38
Judy Chu - D 27

Vern Buchanan - R 16
Carlos Curbelo - R 26

John Lewis -D 5  

Peter Roskam -R 6 
Danny Davis -D 7

Jackie Walorski -R 2

Lynn Jenkins -R 2

Richard Neal -D 1

Mike Bishop -R 8
Sander Levin -D 9

Eric Paulsen -R 3

Jason Smith -R 8

Adrian Smith - R 3

New Jersey
Bill Pascrell -D 9

New York
Tom Reed -R 23
Joseph Crowley -D 14

North Carolina
George Holding -R 2

Pat Tiberi -R 12
Jim Renacci-R 16

Earl Blumenauer -D 3

Mike Kelly -R 3
Pat Meehan -R 7 

South Carolina
Tom Rice -R 7

South Dakota
Kristi Noem -R 6

Diane Black -R 6 

Kevin Brady R- 8th
Sam Johnson -R 3rd
Kenny Marchant-R  24
Lloyd Doggett -D  35

Dave Reichert - R 8
Suzan DelBene -D 1

Ron Kind -D 3



  • Orrin Hatch, UT Committee Chair
  • Chuck Grassley IA
  • Mike Crapo ID
  • Pat Roberts KS
  • Michael Enzi WY
  • John Cornyn TX
  • John Thune SD
  • Richard Burr NC
  • Johnny Isakson GA
  • Rob Portman OH
  • Patrick Toomey PA
  • Dean Heller NV
  • Tim Scott SC
  • Bill Cassidy LA



  • Ron Wyden, Oregon Ranking Member
  • Debbie Stabenow MI
  • Maria Cantwell WA
  • Bill Nelson FL
  • Robert Menendez NJ
  • Thomas Carper  DE
  • Benjamin Cardin MD
  • Michael Bennet CO
  • Robert Casey Jr PA
  • Mark Warner VA


Letter for Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Int'l Tax Reform


This week Democrats Abroad hand delivered copies of this letter to members of the the Senate Finance Committee prior to the Tax Reform Hearings on October 3. Click below to read more. Thanks to Carmelan and her team on our Taxation Task Force for their hard work on these issues and their continued diligence.


 Click here to view in PDF format

Tax Advocacy Webinar Presentation from September 29

If you missed the Tax Advocacy Webinar from today, you can watch the recording here

Also, you can find the presentation here:



Tax Advocacy Webinar presentation in PDF format 


We invite Americans living outside the US to participate in a survey about their experiences of being a US taxpayer filing from abroad.

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Residency Based Taxation - what it is and why Democrats Abroad support it

Get involved with our campaign for Residency Based Taxation today - join in today

The US is the only developed nation that taxes its citizens on overseas income earned while they live abroad.  This system is complicated, inefficient, and causes uncertainty for ordinary Americans living outside the US. Democrats Abroad favors Residency Based Taxation because it is a simpler, fairer, and more efficient system.

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Taxation Task Force Report - April, May, June 2017

It has been a very busy first few months for the Taxation Task Force (TTF).

  • April Congressional action on FATCA was detailed in messages to Leadership. See the first endnote[i] below for a quick summary.
  • At the May 2017 Global Meeting it was announced that the FBAR/FATCA Task Force would be re-structured to take on a broader tax advocacy brief and re-named the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force (TTF). We are operating under the terms of a Draft Terms of Reference (TOR) that is awaiting DA Executive Committee approval. I urge those interested in the tax advocacy work of Democrats Abroad to review the document. Comments are welcome.
  • Further, we encourage those interested in better understanding DA’s tax policy positions generally, and the work of the TTF in particular, to examine these slides on Tax and the American Abroad. They were originally published to help Country Committees prepare for gatherings about tax, but have since become an overarching guide to the tax matters that impact Americans living outside the US and the reform recommendations Democrats Abroad has made and continues to make.
  • On May 23rd the TTF launched the DA grassroots campaign in support of Residency Based Taxation, distributed the Residency Based Taxation (or RBT) Campaign in a Box and, in the weeks that followed, reached out to each of your country committee chairs for support in promoting the June 15 RBT Congressional Call Storm. We believe the launch produced thousands of calls, letters, postcards and emails to Congress asking for their support.
  • Since the launch our campaign has drawn scores of comments from members throughout the world, which enabled us to quickly expand the Residency Based Taxation Frequently Asked Questions document initially distributed with the RBT Campaign in a Box. The RBT FAQs are under continuous review and expansion, as it is our key resource for educating our members about RBT, explaining our campaign and addressing concerns about a change from Citizenship-Based Taxation to Residency Based Taxation.
  • We have also produced an RBT pamphlet, suitable for printing on your home printer in either Word or PDF format that we hope you will place on your tables at July 4th functions and celebrations. You may also like to print a“Support Residency Based Taxation for U.S. Citizens” banner. Two banner files are attached to this message. I’m having difficulty posting them, but I hope to get them on to the DA wiki soon. Many thanks to Peter Fischbach of DA Thailand for developing this terrific campaign resource!!
  • Taxation would have to be foremost among the matters considered by the commission that would be established, under the bill re-introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney on May 25th, to study how Federal laws and policies affect United States citizens living in foreign countries. Voting from abroad, the Social Security Windfall Eliminations Provision, Medicare Portability and Citizenship Transmission[ii] might also be among the matters the commission would examine. This is Rep. Maloney’s speech introducing the bill. Democrats Abroad continues to support H.R.2137, the Commission on Americans Abroad Act.

As Resistance Summer moves on we will be very carefully following the work of Congressional Republicans on tax reform and will reach out to leadership with important developments and opportunities for tax activism. Furthermore, we look forward to your support for a new research project that we hope will help demonstrate the grave difficulties US taxation causes for Americans abroad.

We have already identified for Congress the areas of the Internal Revenue Code that discriminate against Americans abroad. We have described the enormous complexity of reporting overseas income, the high cost of filing with support from a tax advisor, and the stress of (and out-of-proportion penalties for) making a filing error. We believe it would be helpful to bring these matters alive by creating a report with Americans abroad tax filing case studies. It would include the stories of non-resident citizens whose situations profile the range of problems we have been discussing.

Please look out for more information about this research study, which we hope to publish by the end of September.

Best wishes for a safe, fun and resistance-filled summer,


Julia Bryan - ex officio (Czech Republic)

DeeDee Gierow (Sweden)

Carmelan Polce - Chair (Singapore)

Michael Ramos (Australia)

Joe Smallhoover (France)

Orlando Vidal (UAE)

[i] April brought us long-awaited Congressional attention on the unintended adverse impacts of FATCA:

· On April 24 Americans Abroad Caucus Chair Rep Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced H.R. 2136, the Overseas Americans Financial Access Act (OAFAA) in the House of Representatives. The bill embodies our FATCA reform recommendation, the Same Country Safe Harbor Exemption from FATCA reporting for Americans abroad.

· On April 25, the House Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing into the unintended impacts of FATCA. Although our requests to provide testimony were denied, we made a written submission to the Subcommittee prior to the hearing and a follow up submission with three modifications for improving FATCA. We will continue to follow FATCA developments closely and strongly support H.R. 2136.

[ii] On 12 June 2017 the Supreme Court issued a new decision on acquired citizenship, striking down, on equal protection grounds, the distinction in INA 309 between the physical presence required for fathers and mothers when the child is born out of wedlock. Previously, if the child was born of an unmarried US mother and non-US father the mother had to demonstrate 1 year of physical presence in the US in order to pass along US citizenship to the child; if the child was born of an unmarried US father and a non-US mother, the father had to demonstrate 10 years of physical presence in the US in order to pass along US citizenship to the child. Following this ruling and until Congress changes the law, the physical presence rule applying for fathers (10 years) will now also apply for mothers. Had the Court instead established the one-year rule for both fathers and mothers there would be greater protection from being born stateless provided to children born abroad with one unmarried US parent.  



Democrats Abroad is running a grassroots campaign in support of Residency Based Taxation. 

The US is the only developed nation that taxes its citizens on income earned while they live abroad. This system is complicated, inefficient, and causes uncertainty for ordinary Americans living outside the US. Democrats Abroad favors Residency Based Taxation because it is a simpler, fairer, and more efficient system.

Ordinary Americans living outside the US, even those that earn very little income, are burdened not only with increasingly complex and costly forms and filings, we are also obliged to submit reports on our foreign accounts and other financial assets. For this reason, Democrats Abroad has supported Residency Based Taxation since our inception. It has been a high priority in our Platforms and on Capitol Hill during our Congressional Door Knocks. 

Now that Congress is planning to introduce a comprehensive tax reform package the time is right for all aggrieved non-resident Americans to raise their voices and be heard on this matter. Democrats Abroad advocates for a system of Residency Based Taxation that introduces fundamental, common-sense reform while protecting American values of fairness and responsibility.


Click here for the Residency Based Taxation Campaign In A Box.  It includes:

  • Background on Residency Based Taxation
  • Links to find elected representatives and their contact details
  • Scripts for calls to elected reps 
  • Language for letters, postcards and emails to elected reps
  • The link to our trackable RBT email campaign on the Congressional outreach platform 

Contact Carmelan Polce at any time with questions:


We are working hard to see Residency Based Taxation included in the package of tax reforms moved by the 115th Congress.  However, our support for any package of tax reforms will depend on whether it aligns with our Democratic Party values.

We believe Congress has an opportunity to enact common sense reforms that clarify and simplify filing and make the tax code fairer for all Americans. The advantages of changing to Residency Based Taxation must primarily benefit ordinary Americans living and working overseas, without enabling a few to take advantage of new loopholes.

Democrats Abroad has given careful consideration to the potential impact of a change to Residency Based Taxation. We support efforts being made to structure a Residency Based Taxation proposal (hyperlink to ACA webpage) that results in a policy that is revenue-neutral to the federal government. Because we would not, for example, abide a tax reform plan where school lunches were eliminated so that our taxes become simpler. Common sense tax reforms must not become a quid pro quo in order to starve programs that benefit children, the elderly or otherwise vulnerable Americans.

Democrats Abroad will only support reforms that help reduce inequality, boost opportunity and raise enough revenue to meet public needs, predominantly from those with the greatest ability to pay.