Seeking Technical Volunteers for DA

Do you like playing with spreadsheets, working with data, video editing, or just helping fellow DA volunteers with technical support? 

Volunteer Here:

The Skill-set areas we are looking for are listed below.

The DA Data & Analytics Team, the DA IT Team, and the DA Comms Teams are looking for volunteers with technically oriented familiarity and skills who can contribute to our work in supporting fellow DA leaders and our innovative back-end data management processes. 

In all cases, we are looking for a committed Democrat who can reliably volunteer regular time allocations to support our active volunteer teams.  The volunteer needs to be trustworthy and dependable, and they need to be willing to work with existing teams to support ongoing projects – but innovation and creativity is always encouraged as we work to identify new ways that DA can be more effective as an organization.

This is all-volunteer work – none of our volunteer team members are compensated other than with the camaraderie of our teams and the reassurance that they are helping DA make substantive contributions to improving our ability to turn out Democratic votes.

Please share this Call for Technical Volunteers with any other American you know who might have some familiarity with any of the tools and skills we are looking for here.

  • We are also open to industry professionals who may have limited time to provide some pro-bono advice and guidance.


If you are interested in volunteering provide information on your relevant skill sets and contact details in the IT Team Volunteer Application Form:


Skill-Sets we are looking for:

General Technical Support

The IT Team is looking for individuals who are willing to help provide support to fellow DA leaders with website, mailings to members, and general data processing, membership assistance, training, and training materials.  General technical orientation or familiarity with content management systems (CMS) or user support processes is helpful, and a good dose of versatility and resourcefulness is priceless, but no specific platform knowledge is required.


CallHub Phonebanking IT Support

The team that builds and supports our very effective DA member phonebanking process is looking for individuals who can help with building our calling campaigns and processing call activity data. We also need volunteers for one-to-one HelpDesk conversations with our callers.


Google Analytics

Someone familiar with GA4 Google Analytics (or familiar with the previous Universal Analytics and willing to learn GA4) who will provide assistance to the Data and Analytics Team in defining Conversions (Goals), creating relevant GA4 Reports, integrating with Google Ads, monitoring visitor activity, and providing regular reporting for DA leaders.

Relevant Toolsets: GA4 Google Analytics, Google Ads, other Advertising analytics platforms.


Data and Information Management Skills

Someone who has good skills with general data management, from being able to manipulate and present data in Google Sheets/Excel to taking a Librarian-style approach to keeping data and information resources organized and structured for easier access to our shared resources and data processing routines.

Possible Application Areas: DA Wiki (Atlassian Confluence), Google Sheets/Excel, Google Drive, Google Cloud, working with data extracts from our NationBuilder platform.


Big Data Analyst

Someone familiar with Big Data management and processing tools. An analyst who has experience in ingesting, processing, and structuring large data sets to enable us to extract relevant voter data information, populate contact databases, and to provide analysis/reports on the data.  The ability to create graphic visualizations of relevant data points is also a skill that we are looking for.

Relevant Toolsets: Any commonly used Big Data tools, could also benefit from familiarity with BigQuery, Looker/Data Studio, Tableau, SQL databases.


Data Visualization Guru

Someone who has played around with charting, graphing, and other data presentation tools in either Google Sheets or Excel or other visualization tools.  Someone who has the ability to take our data outputs and make them "look nice” as well as the ability to help with extracting the most meaningful elements from our data and to make them intelligible to fellow DA leaders. 

Relevant Toolsets: Google Sheets/ Excel Charts, Tables, Graphs, Animations, etc.


Software Development – familiarity with APIs or knowledge of Python or Javascript

Familiarity and experience with using software development tools and technologies to develop and adapt applications used by DA for our internal data processing.  Able to contribute to our growing suite of API scripts that interface with our service providers such as NationBuilder, CallHub, etc.

Relevant Toolsets might include: Docker containerization, Flask, GitHub, Netlify, Python, Javascript, HTML, working with APIs


Project Coordination/Management

Familiarity with IT Project Management tools and processes that would assist the DA IT and Data Teams in tracking, managing, and guiding forward multiple software development and data management projects.  Helping the teams to configure and customize project management environments to suit team workflow processes and monitoring project progress.

Relevant Toolsets might include: Custom-built Google sheets, ClickUp, JIRA, Trello, Asana, AirTable, etc.


Cloud Systems and Security Management and E-mail Routing

Familiarity with security management and best practice policies for users and data in cloud-based environments. Specifically, the ability to advise and provide support with data and user security review of Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and AWS including granular IAM permissions management. Also open to an individual familiar with network e-mail routing protocols and services.

Relevant Toolsets: Google Workspace, Google Cloud, or AWS Systems Admin


Researcher/Explorer/Information Analyst 

Someone who is willing to help the Data and Analytics Team explore and find new sources of data and information about Americans and US Voters living abroad.  This might range from conducting academic-type research to engaging with other organizations and individuals to acquire data that can be relevant for DA in better understanding voters living abroad and their demographics, voting behaviors, population estimates, media platforms they use, and their representation in government reports.  This data and research will potentially help frame and guide DA outreach initiatives.


Generative AI Explorer/ Analyst

Someone who is keen on exploring and experimenting with new Generative Artificial Intelligence tools and their capabilities.  The objective is to identify ways that DA can use new AI tools to streamline our internal processes, find and reach more Americans living abroad, and create more interesting and effective messaging content and graphics for our voter outreach efforts. 


Content Distribution Manager

The Comms Team is looking for individuals who can assist with the distribution and posting of content through our membership database and Social Media channels.


Content Creation Manager

The Comms Team is looking for individuals who can assist with creating content: copywriting, image creation, social media images, memes, etc., that will contribute to our member messaging and social media posts.


YouTube Manager

The Comms Team is looking for people who are active YouTube users who enjoy the platform to help with managing our DA YouTube channel and possibly supporting our future YouTube advertising initiatives.


Video Editor

The Comms Team is looking for individuals who are familiar with video editing tools to help with the creation and clean-up of video content for our DA Website, Wiki, YouTube, distribution, and other public channels.


Graphics Designers

The Comms Team is looking for individuals who are willing to help in the creation and editing of graphic designs for use in event promotion, social media, and advertising images.


Experienced NationBuilder Admin

The Comms Team is looking for individuals who are willing to help provide support in using NationBuilder for website posting, mailings to members, and general data processing for creative and effective DA member mobilization and engagement strategies. Someone familiar with other membership database systems can receive training on using NationBuilder.


If you are interested in volunteering, please provide information on your relevant skill sets and contact details in the IT Team Volunteer Application Form: