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January 2023


VOL. 3, NO. 1

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“Just as I began my career fighting for LGBTQ communities, I am overjoyed that one of the final bills I will sign as Speaker will be the Respect for Marriage Act: ensuring the federal government will never again stand in the way of marrying the person you love.”   –Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi with Rainbow Gavel at San Francisco Pride ParadePhoto courtesy Barbara Kinney Photography

WATCH: Portrait of Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled at the Capitol

Editor’s Message —

Greetings. There are many things to reflect on as we begin 2023.

December 13th, President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law. Let us continue to appreciate the incredible accomplishments of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  We are forever indebted to her perseverance, leadership, and contributions to breaking the marble ceiling! Be sure to watch Pelosi in the House a documentary Candid Inside Look at Nancy Pelosi's Most Career-Defining Moments by filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi on HBO Max. Transcript of Pelosi Interview on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 December 15, 2022. Schumer, Pelosi joint CNN interview

The Georgia runoff is over and with newly elected Raphael Warnock, son of an Army Veteran, the Democratic majority in the Senate has a little cushion.

As Dr. Fauci prepares to exit, he reflects on his legacy and COVID decisions he would change. His years of service to our country and our health have made a huge difference in the quality of life for all U.S. citizens.

An amazing contribution towards The Trans-European Transport Network is that Denmark is building a record-breaking tunnel to Germany.   

Full B1M story gives all the details of this phenomenal project.

January 6 panel released final report during week of December 19, 2022

Introductory Material to the Final Report of the Select Committee,

Committee raises prospect Trump could possibly be charged with seditious conspiracy

May the New Year 2023 amaze us as we contribute to the successes of the Democratic Party. Let us not forget that every single vote does count! It is already time to register and request absentee ballots for 2023. All overseas U.S. citizens must do this each year. Go to www.VoteFromAbroad.org today! The possibilities of permanently destroying democracy are always just around the corner! Continue to mobilize!

With wishes for health, happiness, civility, and peace,


Terese Sarno



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NFT Cards of Fictional Trumps

courtesy of Clayjonz (Claytoonz)


Record pay increase for Veterans receiving VA compensation benefits

HIREVets Medallion Program  Honoring the Employers who Hire our Nation's Heroes

Get your foot in the door at VA with these strategies  A VA career is waiting for you. 

Esports event to Raise Awareness for Veteran Employment Set to Kick Off

Veteran Resources

Protected Veterans Rights

Know Your Rights–Disability Rights 

2023 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

Protections Against Employment Discrimination for Service Members and Veterans

Veterans' Employment and Training Service  Disability: A Key Component of Diversity

Prevent pension poaching fraud and protect your VA benefits

Mission Daybreak: Showcasing Veteran suicide prevention solutions

Blind and disabled veterans can’t access VA websites, report says

2023 and Events.png

Poverty Awareness Month
National Stalking Awareness Month
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January 1 Request your absentee ballots for 2023. All overseas U.S. citizens must do this each year. Go to www.VoteFromAbroad.org today!

January 3 – The new Congress begins at noon January 3 of each odd-numbered year following a general election unless a different day is designated.

January 11National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Wear Blue Campaign for National Human Trafficking Awareness

January 14 - VMF Caucus Meeting 07:00 EST WebEx link

January 15, 1870 - The first use of a donkey to symbolize the Democratic Party in America appeared in a cartoon in Harper's Weekly. Democrat Donkey

January 16   Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 17Climate Smart: Humanities Organizations
(Application deadline: January 17, 2023)  

January 19 – Creative Forces Community Engagement Grants
(Application deadline: January 19, 2023)

January 22, 1973 - Abortion became legal in the U.S. when the Supreme Court announced its decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade striking down local state laws restricting abortions in the first six months of pregnancy.
June 28, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade decision (6-3 vote).

"Believe in the power of your own voice. The more noise you make, the more accountability you demand from your leaders, the more our world will change for the better."     –Al Gore


“...While we are one step closer on our long journey to build a more perfect union, we must never stop fighting for full equality for LGBTQI+ Americans and all Americans.”     – President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden on Bipartisan House Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act

The Respect for Marriage Act passed in the House on December 8, 2022, 258-169.

39 Republicans voted with 219 Democrats. The bill passed in the Senate 61 to 36.

In July 2022, 47 Republicans voted for the Respect for Marriage Act – 8 more votes than on the final House vote December 8, 2022. 

President Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act December 13, 2023

House approves Bill rolling back coronavirus vaccine mandate, 2023 defense priorities

Senator Raphael Warnock, son of an Army Veteran, won the Georgia runoff election.

Warnock’s work on behalf of Veterans & Military Families

Payouts for Camp Lejeune victims need caps on attorney fees, senators argue

Priorities of the 118th Congress and the Biden Administration

List of new members of the 118th United States Congress

Leadership in the 118th Congress

NDAA compromise gives NARA $60M to address veteran records backlog  

Biden signs bill avoiding a rail strike during holidays  December 2, 2022

"I know this bill doesn't have paid sick leave these rail workers and frankly every worker in America deserves. But that fight isn't over…I've supported that fight for a long time. I'm going to continue that fight until we succeed.”      – President Joe Biden

Full List of Republicans Who Voted Against Paid Sick Leave for Rail Workers

Republicans With Unlimited Sick Days Vote Against Time Off for Rail Workers

National Defense Authorization Act passed Senate (83-11) December 15th.

Service members may soon have way to recoup pet relocation costs | Stars and Stripes


: Get your Toxic Exposure Screening at least every five years!

Holiday survival guide for women Veterans

From evaluation to treatment, what Veterans should know about toxic exposure

Jon Stewart: Apply for your PACT Act benefits today - YouTube

What the PACT Act and Cancer Moonshot mean for you

DOD says it will stop treating civilians in Indo-Pacific for chronic health conditions

myHealtheVet  Get A Premium My HealtheVet Account

Foreign Medical Program (FMP)

VA Manila Benefits Fact Sheet

Live Whole Health #149: Connecting mind and body #9, with a Twist!


Ear and learn in a variety of fields as an apprentice: Line Art of Driver, HVAC Technician, and Healthcare Worker  Apprenticeships Beyond Construction                                   

GI Bill-Handouts and Forms - Education and Training


Veteran Recognition

Center for Women Veterans seeking nominees for 2023 Women Trailblazer Initiative

Vietnam Veterans’ reunion a key to recovery

Veteran who subdued Club Q shooter receives $50,000 Community Advocate Award

Air Force Veteran, 90, plays Taps on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Terese Sarno (Germany)

Veterans and Military Families Caucus Chair:

Kee Adams Evans (Guatemala)


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”  ― Martin Luther King Jr.


MLK Jr line art with US flag background

Martin Luther King Jr. graphic by Pixabay