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July Women to Win Candidate Profiles

Our Women to Win series features three women this month: Gretchen Driskell from Michigan’s 7th District, who will be speaking at our Women to Win Forum on July 21st, Hillary Scholten from Michigan’s 3rd District, and Rep. Lauren Underwood from the 14th District in Illinois.


By Jamie McAfee

Gretchen Driskell is running to represent Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. Drawn to public service, Gretchen has shown her commitment to her community through service on the Saline City Council, as the first female and longest-serving mayor of Saline, and as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. This year Gretchen is challenging Republican incumbent Representative Tim Walberg for his House seat in Washington. She is fighting for affordable healthcare, government transparency, social security and Medicare, bringing green jobs to Michigan, strong and equitable public schools, access to clean water and a safe environment, improved infrastructure, veteran protections, and sustainable agriculture. Gretchen is well positioned to win this flippable district with a boost in voter turnout.

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Women To Win: Gretchen Driskell (MI-07)

“I just raised my hand to help. That’s how I got started. I wasn’t really thinking about politics. I was just thinking about how I could help.”

-Gretchen Driskell


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Women To Win: Lauren Underwood (IL-14)

“I think that every candidate for public office should take their lead from the people in their community. That's what being a representative is all about.”

-Lauren Underwood



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Women To Win: Hillary Scholten (MI-03)

“I lead by example. People will follow a leader who deescalates the tensions that are rising in the country and who puts divisions aside to focus on doing the right thing. In our campaign, we’re focused on core kitchen table issues that we know both parties care about, like keeping harmful PFAS chemicals out of our water, and making healthcare affordable for all Americans.”

-Hillary Scholten

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Candidate Virtual Town Halls, Women to Win, and Primaries

This month, the Candidate Information Team is excited to give the Global Women’s Caucus and all of DA a hint about an exciting upcoming series of events– our Candidate Virtual Town Halls! The team has been working behind the scenes to connect with campaigns across the U.S. to bring these fabulous women virtually to your screen. Keep an eye on your inboxes and our social media pages to hear more about the candidates who will be joining us and how to attend these virtual events. 

Separately, our Women to Win series features two Iowans this month: Theresa Greenfield is running to represent Iowa in the Senate, and Rita Hart is running to serve Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District in the House.

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Wendy Davis is More Determined than Ever

Who is Wendy Davis?

You (hopefully) got to know Wendy Davis back in 2013 when her “remarkable” filibuster in the Texas legislature went viral. Standing in her beloved pink sneakers for 13 hours, Davis stood up to block the passage of a bill that would have closed most of the clinics in Texas that provided abortions. That may have been her most famous fight, but Davis has been fighting for women, for healthcare, for communities, and for Texans her whole life. She had her first child while she was still in high school, and then went on to college and then to Harvard Law School. She survived a brutal opposition campaign that tried to keep her out of the Texas state Senate, and eventually ran for governor of Texas.  Now she is running to flip the Texas 21st district from red to blue, a seat formerly held for decades by a climate-denying Republican, and now held by a corporate-PAC-funded Trump supporter.

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Women to Win: Rita Hart (IA-02)

“...quite often the most important voice in the room is not the loudest or most powerful, but the one you have to lean into to hear. I took that lesson to the classroom, raising my children, and serving my constituents in the state senate and became a better teacher, better parent, and better legislator. Listening to those voices, not the loud and powerful voices in Washington, is how we bring people together on issues like health care, jobs, and education.”

-Rita Hart

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Women To Win: Theresa Greenfield (IA)

“I’m focused on pragmatic solutions to the challenges hardworking Iowans face. Together, we can make sure everyone has quality health care and education, and that Iowa’s economy thrives in every part of the state, and I’m committed to getting the job done.”


-Theresa Greenfield


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Recent Candidate Profiles ~ Women to Win series

The Team has also been hard at work on our Women to Win series. We are proud to feature Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), Democratic candidate running to represent the Lone Star State’s 23rd Congressional District! Ortiz Jones is fighting to flip a House left vacant by Republican Representative Will Hurd. With an unrivaled professional background in national security and economic policy, she holds promise in the increasingly purple state of Texas as an ascendant Democrat to support. Read the full article including an exclusive interview with Oritz Jones by Claire Naughton.

Two of our featured Women to Win, Tricia Zunker (WI-07) and Christy Smith (CA-25), recently faced off against Republican challengers in their May 12 special elections. While both Zunker and Smith lost their special elections, both will run for their respective seats against their Republican rivals again in the November general election. In Wisconsin, Zunker won 41% of the vote to Tom Tiffany’s 59%, and in California, Smith garnered 44% to Mike Garcia’s 56%. As we know, turnout during general elections is much higher than special elections, so there is still a chance to support these excellent candidates this year as we turn out to vote blue in November! Read the full articles on Tricia Zunker (WI-07) by Rachel Rappaport here and here, and the full article on Christy Smith (CA-25) by Kristen Vincent Appelbaum here.

Finally, do you know of a woman running for office that you think we should profile? Let us know! Fill out this Google Form to submit the name of a candidate for us to profile in our Women to Win series. Your candidate might make it in the next newsletter.


This guide was compiled in May 2020.

In recent years, Americans have been frustrated by ever-growing congressional gridlock. This is a crucial election year for races from the presidency to Congress to state and local elections, but flipping the US Senate should be a priority for Democrats across the country in 2020.

The following is a reference guide to the 2020 US Senate Elections. Listed by state in alphabetical order, this guide includes The Objective of each election, The Democrat or Democrats in the race including relevant links to their websites, and a brief summary of The State of the Race including commentary as well as assessments from various reports and polls. It includes the 33 races where Democrats are running and 2 bonus races at the end where you can learn about the Independent candidates who are running where no Democrat is on the ballot.

It is important to note that you are never limited to contributing to races only in your voting state! Campaigns welcome help from Americans willing to spare time or resources. Check out the candidate’s website for volunteer opportunities like phone banking, text banking, social media post suggestions, and more. All of these examples of contribution can be done from the comfort of your own home; so no matter where you find yourself in the world, you can get involved!

Of course, please remember to register or update your registration to vote in your state’s primary and the general election! You can do this by visiting and reading their FAQ on “How do I register to vote or request a ballot as a US Citizen living abroad?” or getting in touch with Vote From Abroad with any questions.

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