GWC September 2021 Newsletter

Letter from the Editor

After a short summer holiday, the Global Women’s Caucus is back, and ready to continue the hard and necessary work to ensure a safe and equitable future for generations to come. In some ways, the current situation feels as though many of our hard won battles are once again rearing their ugly heads. Many States are making it nearly impossible for women to choose when and how they can have a family, and the use of the Filibuster is hindering any fair voting law. We are also all watching with keen attention to what’s unfolding in Afghanistan in respect to the fate of women and girls. We hope your batteries have been charged as well, and that you are ready to join us at this crucial moment as we resume raising awareness on the issues that affect women and girls, and begin to focus on the midterm elections.

This issue has important updates on the research our caucus is doing as well as articles and commentaries on current events. Don’t forget to check out our Artist’s Corner and take our July Newsletter quiz! Lastly, we love hearing from you and want your continued participation in our #MyStoryGWC campaign, where you can connect with other members through shared stories to highlight the issues most important to us.

We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Stayce Camparo, Communications Co-director, Global Women’s Caucus

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Tackling Structural Barriers to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Global Women’s Caucus is honored to have Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Ernest L. Arbukle Professor, Harvard Business School, speak on the continuing challenges of gender, equality, and diversity in leadership.

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The Violence Against Women action team is looking for volunteers to gather information that will help American women overseas who are victims of violent situations. Join our call on one of the above mentioned dates.

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For a full list of events, including from other caucuses & chapters, visit our Events page.


IMPORTANT ACTION: The California Recall is September 14th!!!! Democrats Abroad is asking California voters to vote NO!

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The Violence Against Women action team is making plans to recognize Domestic Violence Month in October, The International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women on November 25 and the 16 Days of Action which usually follow. September 25 is the International Day of Peace, and we recognize the many ways that wars and conflicts negatively impact women and girls. 

We are happy to note the historic changes to the Military Justice system, as proposed in Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Justice Improvement and Enhanced Protection Act. We are now turning our attention to similar legislation in the House, as presented by Rep. Jackie Speier. Many House members on both sides of the aisle will need contacting, and we are working on identifying specific names.  

As we approach the mid-terms we will be looking at legislator's voting records on issues relating to gender-based violence as a compelling piece of information for GOTV efforts.

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The Feminist Literature Reading Group is hosting a Literature Festival for the month of October. Across all cultures and generations, the written word has given us joy, helped us through troubles, promoted new ideas and discoveries, and united us. Democrats Abroad are scattered around the globe, but this literary festival will connect us. Join us as we hold writing workshops, movie nights, and host talks with some of our most notable authors. More events are coming soon! Check back on our events page to RSVP to individual events.

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The Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative is continuing to track the progress of the 2020 Democratic platform as it pertains to women in leadership. Check out our resource page for links to articles on women and education and politics.

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The Reproductive Justice Action Team is proud to announce that we had over 1000 participants on our webinar held on July 9th with NARAL on Defend Pro Choice American and Reproductive Inequality: Scotus and State Legislation.

Following a successful poll on social media, we awarded the Reproductive Injustice Award to the State of Texas. A September Reproductive Injustice Award is in the planning and our ongoing partnership with NARAL is blossoming.

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To volunteer with any of our teams, simply fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.


New York’s First Female Governor: A History Making Day for New York and Women
By Pat White, GWC-Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative.   Read the full article...

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What is the Future for Women and Girls in Afghanistan?
By Stayce Camparo

As Taliban forces took Kabul, the overwhelming dread shared by many was the fate of women and girls in an extremely punitive and archaic government.   Read more...

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No Time Like Now for New Gillibrand/Moore Bill
By Denise Roig, DA Canada.  Read the full article...

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DA’s new Global Disabilities Caucus
By Denise Roig, DA Canada.

July 26 th marked two important occasions: the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act – the foundational legislation recognizing the rights and needs of those with disabilities – and the first official meeting of the Democrats Abroad Global Disabilities Caucus (in formation).    Read more...

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Commentary: The Fate of the Nation State
By Stayce Camparo

With data showing that more and more Americans identify themselves as multi-ethnic, we are witnessing the socio-political effects of globalization and a diversifying American landscape.   Read more...

We want to hear from you at #MyStoryGWC! Why is voting in the 2022 midterm elections important to you? What are you hoping your vote will accomplish? Tell us your thoughts, and what remains salient for Democrats living all over the world. Send your stories here, and stay tuned to see what people have to say.

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“...the Covid pandemic has brought into sharp relief the expectation that women will sacrifice their work and careers to pick up the unpaid burden of caring for children and older relations. In the United States this is aggravated by the failure to provide adequate child and elder care. Many women are paying the well-documented “motherhood penalty”, where employers tend to deny women pay increases, promotions, and important assignments, and single them out for cutbacks and layoffs. The ERA is critical as the legal basis to continue the fight for gender equality. Moving toward parity in leadership will also help end a culture of systemic misogyny, where some men (too many of those in power) continue to belittle women’s contribution to economic prosperity and well-being.” -- England Resident, Florida Voter

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Artist Corner 

Rada Akbar

Woman - Activist - Artist

Through the project, Abarzanan, Akbar selects inspiring women, and in collaboration with Afghan and international artists, she creates wearable monuments, paintings, and installations to honor each woman’s contribution to Afghan history. Each piece carries an individual story of Afghan heritage, traditional and modern artistry, and women’s empowerment.

Abarzanan opened in March 2019.

In Closing

As the 2020 general election attested, Democrats Abroad are a force that can make real change. We need that force activated once again for the ‘22 midterms. Consider joining the Global Women’s Caucus, and connecting with thousands of others on the same mission as we build our community strong. As a member, you can receive newsletters and meet others at our events. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Our website is constantly being updated with news and actions to get you and your family involved in the noble campaign for women. 

Thank you for reading this issue, and please share with your friends and family.

In solidarity,

The Global Women’s Caucus