April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Angie Bergeson

Interested in
ExCom Positions: Chair, Vice Chair
At-Large Board Member Positions: Women's Caucus Lead
Based in: Beijing

This is a time in American history when the organization and mobilization of citizens concerned about health care, human rights, and democratic values are vital. Resisting and rejecting the Trump agenda is imperative. The level of enthusiasm and energy on the left throughout the country and the world is at an all time high and I want to do my part while living abroad.

During high school, in Indiana, I served as a page for a local representative from my hometown. This was in 1983. Since then, I have continually found ways to be informed and involved in political movements and organizations. Prior to moving to Beijing last year, I was living, teaching, and voting in New York City for 25 years. During this time, I co-founded, and was the Head, of a K-8 inclusion school. I was directly involved with every aspect of the Board of Trustees and was a close partner with the Board Chairs that served throughout the 10-year timeframe I was in this position. Currently, I am also Board member of a new public school that launched last year in the South Bronx.

In addition to experience with Boards, I have a significant volunteer background in the Democratic party. I became a member of the Upper West Side Democrats and served as a delegate, appearing on the ballot, for the 2004 elections. I canvassed for signatures, organized events, attended fundraisers for the candidate, and made several trips to DC on the behalf of the group.

Now, I am working at Keystone Academy in Beijing, and looking for ways to stay involved politically. I have a long history with China, dating back to my first visit in 2001, and am committed to raising my children here for several years. I strive to build bridges between our cultures and nations in my work with my students and have a great respect for the history and culture of China. I was very happy to learn I could join Democrats Abroad to build a bridge back home too.

Given my background in leadership, my involvement with several Boards, and my experience with political organizations, I am seeking to serve on the Leadership Board of DA China, in whatever capacity is needed by the new leadership team, but I would lend whatever support is needed in whatever capacity I am able.

I would hope to help register, inform, and involve as many democrats as possible, focusing initially on upcoming mid-term elections and ways to build momentum for change. The time is now and there is much to be done. Democrats Abroad in China is at an important developmental stage directly due to the passion, patience, and thoughtful actions of its current leaders and members. It would be an honor to partner with a team of Democrats in China to continue to shape and drive the mission, create short and long-term strategic plans, and take the Board to the next phase. If nominated, I will serve with integrity and inclusivity. EMAIL