The DA Toronto leaders are:

13 directory listings

Dianna English

Toronto Chapter Chair
Tim Ellis

Toronto Chapter Co-Vice-Chair
Danielle Stampley

Toronto Chapter Co-Vice Chair
Colleen Mahaffie

Toronto Chapter Secretary
Shannon Linehan

Canada LGBTQ+ Caucus Lead | Toronto Member-at-Large | Toronto LGBTQ+ Caucus Lead
Shannon Bassett

Environment + Climate Crisis Council Canada Lead | Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large
Lucia Lloyd

Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large, Durham Region
Yael Glina

Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large
Matthew Riggs

Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large, Peel Region
Karin Lippert

Toronto Member-at-Large | Toronto Women's Caucus Co-Lead
Brooke Scott

Canada Women's Caucus Leader | Toronto Chapter York Region Member-at-Large | Toronto Women's Caucus Co-Leader
Janette McCabe

Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large
Reg Charney

Toronto Chapter Treasurer
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.