December 31, 2018

Democrats Abroad Expat Tax Reform Advocacy - 2018 Year in Review

As each year passes our list of expat tax issues grows.  As followers of expat tax matters know, there was nothing good for Americans living abroad in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  Not only did the law fail to address any of the tax problems Americans abroad endure, it also placed a further serious - and for many existential - tax burden on Americans who own small to medium sized businesses overseas.  For these reasons you could say 2018 was the most challenging year yet for expat tax reform activists, many of whom invested enormous energy advocating on behalf of the Americans abroad community during the 2017 tax writing process.

This is a run down of the work of the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force (“TTF”) in 2018 in advocating for reforms to the Internal Revenue Code to relieve the unfair and unreasonable burden it places on Americans living and working abroad.  

As we have noted, the H.R. 7358 the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act is not perfect, but it will serve as an excellent framework building a Residency Based Taxation bill that provides critical relief for Americans abroad while also protecting the law from abuse by tax cheats and other bad actors.

We look forward to a new year and a new Congress to carry on with our work to enact urgently needed reforms to the way the Internal Revenue Code and other U.S. laws impact Americans living abroad.  


The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force is deeply indebted to all who follow our work and support it with calls and messages to Congress about the urgent need for expat tax reform.  We count on DA leaders of country committees and local chapters to ensure our campaigns and activities are being presented in a timely manner to the rank and file members of Democrats Abroad.  We especially thank the DA leaders who put in time and effort planning and executing all the many successful Tax events in chapters around the globe. We look forward to your continued engagement in 2019.

We sincerely thank the Democrats Abroad International Executive Committee for their support for our many written submissions to Congress and others, which are often presented with very little or no advance notice and with demands for urgent turn-around.  Thanks for your comments and support with these important advocacy instruments!

We thank these fabulous DA members and leaders who travelled to Washington DC at their own expense to join us in 2018 for tax advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill:  Bing Gelman, Jeffrey Cheng, Connie Borde, Ken Sherman, Tim Lawler, Julian Becker, Becca Young, Martha McDevitt-Pugh and David Miller. Also attending Door Knocks this year were DA Tax Task Force members DeeDee Gierow, Rebecca Lammers,  Carmelan Polce and Joe Smallhoover. Special thanks to Chip Seward of DA France and Washington DC who not only joins us on all our Congressional Door Knocks but also makes himself available at a moment’s notice to hand-deliver DA tax advocacy letters and submissions to offices on Capitol Hill.  We are so grateful to Chip and we welcome him to the Task Force for 2019.


Best wishes to us all for continued advancement in 2019 in our work to reform the U.S. tax system and bring tax fairness and relief to the Americans abroad community.

Democratically yours,


[email protected]

Julia Bryan – ex officio (Czech Republic)

Jennifer Cederwalls  (Sweden)

DeeDee Geirow (Sweden)

Rebecca Lammers (UK)

Carmelan Polce – Chair (New York and Australia)

Michael Ramos (Australia)

Joe Smallhoover (France)

Orlando Vidal (UAE)