Presidential Candidates Talk to Democrats Abroad



Democrats Abroad has talked to many of the Democratic Presidential Candidates. If you were unable to participate in the live events, you can watch the videos for the candidates below. As we speak to more candidates over the next month, the list will be updated.

Pete Buttigieg - Sep 19, 2019
Julián Castro - Oct 22, 2019
Bernie Sanders  - Nov 7, 2019
Steve Bullock  - Nov 14, 2019
Michael Bennet - Nov 19, 2019
Marianne Williamson  - Dec 4, 2019
Tom Steyer - Dec 16, 2019
Deval Patrick - Dec 28, 2019


The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary petition process is underway, but time is running out!

Each campaign needs at least 300 valid Democrats Abroad members residing abroad to sign their petition by January 6, 2020, to be included on the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary ballot and meet the criteria as defined in the Democrats Abroad delegate selection plan.

All the candidates have signed up to participate in the Democrats Abroad petition process. Click here to sign the petitions.

You may sign as many candidate petitions as you'd like. By signing, you help ensure that a candidate appears on the Democrats Abroad 2020 Global Presidential Primary ballot. Signing a petition is not considered either an endorsement or a vote. You'll still need to VOTE for your preferred candidate during the primary.


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