Make a Vote From Abroad Video



Make a video letting people know why you vote from abroad.

Your video will be used to make a compilation video of members of Democrats Abroad saying “I vote from abroad because” and then their reason

You can make a partisan video. Or you can make a non-partisan which refers to general issues such as the environment, health care, etc. with mentioning anyone in particular.


Here is a sample video to use as a template






My name is (first name only) 


I live in __________ (city and country or just country)   


My home state is _____


I vote in _______


I’m voting in 2020 because (complete this sentence with one phrase you care deeply about) 

I vote from abroad because

Here are a few ideas. 

  • climate change is a world problem and the US needs to be part of the solution
  • Access to healthcare is a human right.
  • We need to have a green new deal 
  • Gerrymandering in Voting districts needs to end
  • Higher education should be affordable for everyone
  • All of America’s children all deserve adequate nutrition, nurturing, healthcare, education, and opportunities regardless of gender, race, background, or zip code.
  • The goal of the prison system should be to rehabilitate prisoners so they can integrate into their communities when released.
  • We need to prevent and treat substance abuse, not send people into a life of incarceration and poverty. 
  • Sensible gun laws need to be established.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Veterans should not be homeless 
  • Citizens United needs to be abolished to keep dark money and corporations out of our politics.
  • I want to leave a better world for my children 
  • We need to restore voter protection and stop discrimination against minority communities.
  • I want my representatives to be my voice in Washington
  • I still have the right to vote, and it’s use it or lose it
  • We need to save the earth
  • We need to save democracy
  • We can do a lot better
  • I support residency-based taxation
  • I want my representatives to know of the unique issues that American citizens have when living abroad
  • I don’t want to be forgotten as an American living abroad!
  • I see things with a more global view that I want to see reflected in our policies back home
  • I see every day how the US role on the world stage is critical and I want the reflected back home


I’ve requested my absentee ballot.  Have You?     Or      Request your absentee ballot today


Go to Vote From Abroad dot org. Vote!


Filming guidelines:

  • Choose a quiet location 
  • Check your look 
  • Check your lighting.  If you are shooting from your laptop or desktop putting a light behind the camera and slightly above will reduce shadowing.  
  • Rehearse what you want to say out loud 
  • Shoot your video in Landscape format ( we must have it in this format for conformity)
  • Position your camera or phone at eye level or slightly above.  
  • Center yourself in the middle of the shot
  • Hold your chin slightly upward and speak directly into the camera. 
  •  Look at the camera - if you make a mistake, pause, and say the line again.  We will edit the best line in.    
  • Leave about 2 seconds between each sentence to allow the editing room.  
  • Speak clearly and passionately  
  • Ask a family member to film you is possible 
  • Have Fun!! 

Where to send video:

You can send your video via to or send a link from an Apple or Google shared file.

Media Consent

By submitting a video, you agree to our use of this video on social and other media (including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for Democrats Abroad and Vote from Abroad.