As Americans living abroad, we have a unique perspective to offer regarding policies such as universal healthcare, affordable higher education, parental leave - in other words, policies considered progressive and much debated in the USA, but standard practice in many of the countries we live in.
Stories of Americans Abroad is a blog which presents our experiences to the world.  When it comes to policies new to the country, many Americans are forced to base their opinions on statistics and statements unfounded in experience.  Stories of Americans Abroad can change that, taking advantage of a medium that is part of our globally connected world.  It allows those of us living physically far away to directly engage in the political conversation back home.
In addition to helping determine the direction of the Democratic Party, we also want to reach a much broader base in the USA.  For this reason, we have decided on a nonpartisan title to get more people to start reading.  We have based the format on Humans of New York (HONY) - short stories or excerpts from longer interviews along with a pictures of the subjects.
We have gotten started at the Hamburg Chapter level, but would like to expand quickly to the DAG level.  Your Chapter wants to take part and contribute?  Here is what you need to organize:
- Get the current topic out to your members (e-mail blast), asking for stories, opinions and experiences.
- Select the responses you consider most suitable to the objective and format.
- Follow up with the respective members to take a picture (note that head shot is not necessary; there are examples of alternative photos on the HONY website).
- Send your full responses, suggested excerpts and pictures to
The first topic is Universal Healthcare, and we are looking for your contributions now!  You can find the Facebook page here: .  Please also see HONY for more reference data regarding format: and