January 10, 2017

Speak out against the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

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Demand Senate Republicans Reject Jeff Sessions' Nomination

Your voice is powerful. Use it to call Senate Republicans. Why?

  • Because Sessions was deemed too racist to be confirmed as a federal judge in 1986. He's called the Voting Rights Act an "intrusive piece of legislation" and said it was "good news" for the South when key provisions were gutted in 2013 -- and now Trump wants to put him in charge of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.
  • Because he has been the most vocally anti-immigrant member of the Senate, playing a key role in killing any attempt at comprehensive immigration reform during the Obama administration.
  • Because he has an abysmal record on LGBT rights, including voting against federal hate crime legislation and the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
  • And because he voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Ask House Republicans why they backed down on their attempt to gut Congressional ethics rules. They'll tell you it was because their offices were flooded by calls from constituents telling their representatives that this was unacceptable.

Take this opportunity to call Republican senators and let them know why you oppose the appointment of Jeff Sessions. We've created this call tool to make it as easy as possible -- just follow this link, make the call, and then tell everyone you know to make their voices heard too:

This is an important fight -- and we can't win it without supporters like you making their voices heard.

Thanks for getting involved.