2019 Newly Elected Leadership Board for DA China

To the Democrats Abroad China community,

The NEC is pleased to announce the new Leadership Board from 2019-2021! With 54 voters, the new board members are:

  • Aaron Kruse
  • Elizabeth Jenkins
  • Elaine Chow
  • Kim Wong
  • Faith Gary
  • Alexander Lee
  • Sarah Kimmet
  • Eileen Walsh
  • Justin Fischer
  • Patrick Cranley
  • Devika Koppikar
These candidates all won at least 50% of the vote (at least 27 voters included them in their ballot).

We’d also like to announce the new Executive Committee, who consist of:

  • Chair - Aaron Kruse
  • Vice Chair - Elizabeth Jenkins
  • Legal Counsel - Alexander Lee
  • Treasurer - Patrick Cranley
  • Secretary - Kimberley Wong
  • Communications Director - Elaine Chow
Chair, Vice Chair, Legal Counsel, Treasurer, and Secretary positions all had single candidates, and the majority of the voters at AGM assented to electing them to the position. Patrick Cranley won 18 of 26 votes for Treasurer and Elaine Chow won 11 of 21 votes for Communications Director.

We’d also like to thank Samantha Wong and Johanna Yueh for volunteering their time at the AGM to assist in running the election.

If you have any questions regarding details of the election, please address them to any or all of the NEC by email by May 14, 2019.

Thank you,

The Nominations and Election Committee (NEC)
Melinda Yang (melyang@ivpp.ac.cn)
Lisa Movius (lmovius@hotmail.com)
James Barnard (james.barnard@mac.com)