Guidance for Campaign Events


Global NEC

Invitation to Make a Campaign Event Proposal


Thank you for your interest in hosting a campaign event to spread awareness of Democrats Abroad International Officer positions and elections.


The NEC meets once a week, and so we will need up to 8 days to approve an event. The deadline for filing out this form is April 26, 2021 at midnight GMT (8 pm EDT). We will approve events on a rolling basis.


Please submit all campaign event proposals through the official NEC form:


As always, please do feel free to reach out with any and all questions to [email protected].


Once Event approval has been given, what will be the next steps?

  1. NEC will consolidate the pitches in an email that we will send out at least once a week to candidates and keep a running Google Doc of pitches accessible to candidates as they are approved.
  2. Candidates will pick events they are interested in and contact the hosts.
  3. Once the event listing is finalized with date, times and RSVP Information, please submit to NEC who will post it on the website and promote the event list page to the *Leadership* list.
  4. Once it is posted, you may promote it as approved.


How will event hosts contact candidates?

Global NEC will facilitate and notify candidates at least once a week with the list of approved events and how to contact hosts. The candidates can pick which events they would like to do and contact the event hosts directly.


Hosts of events will not be provided with the candidate contact list. Different candidates have different capacities for taking on campaign events in their schedules, and not all will want to participate or be faced with the increased email load.


Will the Global NEC provide scheduling and tech support?

Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to provide scheduling or tech support. It will be up to the candidates and the hosts to sort scheduling and tech.


What days/times are preferred? This is up to you. We will not approve events to take place after May 10, 2021 in order to give the candidates, the Global NEC and Democrats Abroad generally a break before the annual Global meeting. We will also not approve events that conflict with those hosted by the NEC.


We would highly encourage, if possible, consolidating hosting or sponsoring of a campaign event with other like-minded communities within Democrats Abroad.


Will the Global NEC provide promotion support?

Once events are finalized, we are happy to post them on a website page and notify the *Leadership* list of where they can find NEC approved events. Otherwise, we do not have the capacity to help with promotions.


Hosts may promote in whatever ways were approved by NEC.


A reminder:

Please be reminded that campaigning (whether by a candidate or surrogate) is considered personal business, and there should be a strict separation between campaigning and Democrats Abroad business. Without obtaining permission of the Global NEC, there may be no commingling of campaigning with Democrats Abroad activities or resources. Candidates and their surrogates must act ethically in line with the Code of Conduct and should ensure any campaigning opportunity using Democrats Abroad channels and resources has been sanctioned by the Global NEC. The Global NEC takes its responsibility seriously to ensure Democrats Abroad channels are used in a fair and ethical way. For more see our guidance.



Please let the Nominations and Elections Committee know if you have any questions or suggestions by emailing [email protected].


Further information may be found using the links below. 

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Thank you from the 2021 DPCA Nominations and Elections Committee