MOVIE NIGHT: Wednesday, May 19th

Pack your suitcase, we're goin' to Vietnam.

Path to War

As a follow up to our March movie, LBJ, this month's movie covers the Johnson presidency during the Vietnam War. This film provides insight into the political and emotional decisions necessary to send young men and women to war. 2002 HBO, 2hrs 45min, NR

Q20 Suggested Donation


IT'S DAVE'S 66th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! (In lieu of flowers and gifts, make a donation to DAGT)

Bring Your Own Drinks

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

POTLUCK Starts at 4:30pm The movie starts promptly at 5:30pm

Dave’s and Kee’s

Calle de Los Duelos Casa 19 Colonia Virey 4170-5537

Plenty of Secure Parking

Open to Members of DAGT and Guests Discussion Group Following the Movie

RSVP no later than end of day, May 8 reply to this email:


Non-partisan Voter Registration: May and June

Antigua, Lake Atitlan & Quetzaltenango

We will assist all US voters in registering to vote and completing their Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) for the upcoming USA elections. The FPCA is required to receive an overseas absentee ballot. You should complete a new FPCA every year! This event, hosted by Democrats Abroad Guatemala, is open to all US voters – Democrats, Republicans, Independents and all others.


Antigua Enlaces

6a Avenida Norte No. 1

La Antigua Guatemala

May 19, 2018 11:00am - 2:00pm

June 9, 2018 11:00am - 2:00pm


Panajachel May 5, 2018 Solomon’s Porch 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Watch for additional dates in Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City and other locations

For more information, contact Kee Kalwara at (Antigua), Traci Styner at (Lake Atitlan) or Rachael Shenyo (Quetzaltenango) at


Voter Registration: Upcoming Events in Guatemala City

If you work at an American international school in Guatemala City, be looking for internal emails for on campus voter registration events at your school this week and upcoming weeks!

For further information, feel free to email:

Hyungjoon Jin:

Mary Reynolds:

Movie Night: A Bold Peace: Friday, April 27

”We seek in Central America not peace alone, not peace to be followed someday by political progress, but peace and democracy, together, indivisible, an end to the shedding of human blood, which is inseparable from an end to the suppression of human rights." Óscar Arias

A Bold Peace

Over 60 years ago, Costa Rica became one of the only nations in the world to disband their military and to redirect national resources towards education, health, and the environment. Since then, Costa Rica has earned the number one spot in the Happy Planet Index, a ranking of countries based on measures of environmental protection and the happiness and health of its citizens. A Bold Peace juxtaposes the national policy of demilitarization (since 1948-49) with their investment in education, health, and the environment. Pointed parallels and contrasts are made with recent U.S. debates over the national debt, healthcare, the environment and the escalating cost of U.S. militarism. 1hr 42min NR

Q20 Suggested Donation

Bring Your Own Drinks / Some Drinks Will Be For Sale

Popcorn Available at Q5 per Bag

Friday, April 27, 2018

The movie starts promptly at 6:30pm

Casa Convento Concepción

4a Calle Oriente #41

Open to Members of DAGT and Guests Discussion Group Following the Movie


News from the Excom, April 12

Paul Ryan is retiring, the Republicans are in nervous talks about how best they can preserve the Senate – it’s a great day to make a few calls and get out the vote, or fundraise for your committee (and the DPCA)! To help out, the fundraising team is setting up a global forum on fundraising. For more information and to join the conversation, get in touch at

I’m delighted to announce that DA is set to shortly receive our first tranche of funding from the DNC this year as a result of our SPIF grant proposal submission. We are also celebrating the news that Will Hailer, Senior Advisor to Tom Perez, will be working closely with us moving forward on US based fundraising, DNC and state coordination, as well as grant oversight.

We’ve nearly reached our limit for $100 tickets to the Tom Perez reception in London on April 26th. RSVP today before they run out!

Last Thursday, the France Diversity Caucus commemorated the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King. With over 150 people in attendance, it was a moving memorial event. View the video here:

Online, the Global Black Caucus remembered the day in a podcast focused on Dr. King's legacy.

This last weekend, our International Counsel Tom Schmid and the Bylaws committee ran a fantastic 1st hearing on the bylaws change proposals we’ll be considering in Tokyo. More than 30 leaders attended, providing thoughtful and well-reasoned commentary on the suggested changes. The committee will hold two more online hearings this week and next. Head here for more information:

Our next ExCom meeting is today at 8am DC time. Our Excom meetings are on Thursdays at 8am DC time unless otherwise noted. As always we'd be delighted to have you join as a guest. If you're interested, get in touch with Jeffrey at and he'll send you the link to the meeting.

Thank you for all that you do!

Best, Julia

Julia Bryan

International Chair, Democrats Abroad

Mark your calendars

2nd bylaws hearing - April 14 (webex)

3rd bylaws hearing - April 21 (webex)
Global Progressive Caucus Action meeting - April 22 (webex)

Tom Perez Reception:

Annual General Meeting – May 25 - 27th (Tokyo)

2018 GOTV Calendar:


On the Radio Today!

Today you can listen to Radio Globo in Antigua by streaming it if you want to hear our recorded GOTV message. Here's the link if you can't tune into 98.9:


Study Abroad Outreach April Update

March was a busy month for the Study Abroad Team! Many of our members planned and participated in March for our Lives solidarity events. We are energized by the passion and conviction of our young leaders. Many of these same young people will be studying abroad during the 2018 General Election and we’re excited to empower them to vote!!

The importance of our work is recognized by DNC leadership! As you may have seen, Democrats Abroad is hosting a reception for Tom Perez, Chair of the DNC in London on April 26. Proceeds raised at the event will go directly towards our Study Abroad outreach plans.

The Study Abroad Team is currently focused on:

  • Researching new and updated contact information for local Study Abroad coordinators and staff members for our Study Abroad Program Map:

  • Beginning outreach by phone and email to Study Abroad coordinators and staff members offering resources to help with registering their students to vote. Liaisons are basing their messages on examples found in our wiki:
  • How can you help us?

  • If you haven’t already, please identify a Study Abroad liaison from your country/city! This is a great opportunity for a new, enthusiastic volunteer. We are especially happy to have current students and University employees.

  • Ask your liaison to give regular updates at your business meetings and help them recruit volunteers from your membership. With over 300,000 students voting abroad each year, we truly need all the help we can get!

An updated list of Study Abroad liaisons is at the bottom of this email. We’re excited to have additions from China and Australia joining us soon!

Thank you for all you are doing to help students vote from abroad! If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Becky Leach-Seymour

Team Lead, Study Abroad Outreach

Democrats Abroad

Study Abroad Liaisons

Group 1 - Research completed, engaged in outreach to SA Contacts

Andrew Grossen, Ireland

Jim Mercereau, Spain

Julia Bryan, Czech Republic

Vivian Beetle and Laura Messenger, Switzerland

Kathy Rothschild, Costa Rica

Claudia Varney & Alex Rehbinder, Paris, France

Bartley Grosserichter, Chris Sauca, Laura Downer and John Grosser, Germany

Group 2 - Researching SA Contacts

Peter Baiter, Greece

David Heckenberg and Bruce Murray, Austria

Stephen Paine, Netherlands

Laura Mosedale, London, United Kingdom

Neal Huddon-Cossar, Italy

Gretchen Pascalis, Grenoble, France

Samuel Stone, Mexico

Heidi Schneiderin, Canada

Caroline Sullivan, United Arab Emirates


Sunshine and News from the Excom, don't miss out!

Everything is turning from grey to green here in Prague as April gusts clear the clouds away. The weather matches the month - which is busy as we prepare for the Tokyo AGM, an exciting visit by DNC Chair Tom Perez, and run GOTV actions around the world.

Do you have questions about voter registration or phone banking? Would you like to hear what other committees are doing to get out the vote? Join the conversation (and read past topics) by joining the GOTV email list. To get started, email and ask to be added.

All the work that DA does wouldn't be possible without each of us volunteering our time, which is why April is a special month for us. It's Volunteer Month, and to help celebrate, our Comms team is writing a series of stories on the the volunteers that power your committees. Nominate a volunteer (or two!) here.

Do you have a resolution or proposed charter amendment you'd like to send in? You still have 20 days to get them in. Email resolutions to Susan Vaillant and send your amendment suggestions to the Bylaws team through this online form.

And if you're interested in the amendments already in the schedule, do remember to stop by the hearings this week and next. Head here for more information.

Before I wrap up, Amanda Mohar (Comms team) wants to remind you all that she has office hours on Friday. Stop by if you have questions about media outreach, social media, your newsletters, email and more!

Our next ExCom meeting is today at 8am DC time. Our Excom meetings are on Thursdays at 8am DC time unless otherwise noted. As always we'd be delighted to have you join as a guest. If you're interested, get in touch with Jeffrey at and he'll send you the link to the meeting.

Thank you for all that you do!

Best, Julia

Julia Bryan

International Chair, Democrats Abroad

Mark your calendars
1st bylaws hearing - April 7 (webex)

2nd bylaws hearing - April 14 (webex)

3rd bylaws hearing - April 21 (webex)

Tom Perez reception – April 26 (London)

Annual General Meeting – May 25 - 27th (Tokyo)

2018 GOTV calendar


Today's DAGT Update!

The minutes from the DAGT 2018 Annual General Meeting of March 24th, are now ready and attached HERE. Take a few minutes to read them if you want to be fully up to date on happenings with your Democrats Abroad Guatemala country committee. Let us know if you have any comments or questions. Send them to Lyn Totino, Secretary, at :

While we’re at it, have you committed to voting? If you haven’t already requested your ballot for the 2018 midterm elections by completing and submitting a new Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), please do so right away at: VFA . Commit to vote

If you need help, then try to attend one of our voter registration events. Our next one is in Antigua on Saturday, April 14th, 11am to 2pm at Enlaces on 6th Avenida norte. Otherwise, watch your inbox for email notices of upcoming voter registration events regarding dates, times and places or check the Revue magazine for our ads – or contact one the following DAGT voter registration principals for more personal help:

Voter Registration Standing Committee Chair: Kee Kalwara,

Guatemala City MeetUp Group Chair: Hyungjoon Jin,

Lake Atitlán MeetUp Group Chair: Traci Styner,

Occidente MeetUp Group Chair: Sara Castellano,

Occidente MeetUp Group Deputy Chair, Rachael Shenyo, Quetzaltenango/Huehuetenango areas

The Executive Committee

Democrats Abroad Guatemala

DA Guatemala