June 2023 Congressional Tax Door Knock Update

From June 12-16, the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force met with 45 Congressional offices, both in the House and Senate, to discuss Americans abroad tax and financial access issues. Discussions focused on passing H.R.2729 - Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act of 2023 and re-introducing the Tax Simplification for Americans Abroad Act (H.R.6057 in the last Congress).

In addition to the Tax Door Knock, members of the Taxation Task Force participated in the following events while in Washington D.C. -

  • June 8-9: Democrats Abroad General Door Knock more here
  • June 10-11: Democrats Abroad 2023 Annual General Meeting more here
  • June 14: Congressional Briefing about the tax challenges Americans abroad face more here
  • June 15: Press Event to mark the June 15th Expat Tax Filing Deadline and support for H.R. 2729 more here

See below for pictures and additional information