February 10, 2024

Where a GPP? In Greece, That's Where!

Voting and counting done, rooftop at the GB Athens, DA GPP, 2016


Where’s a GPP? In Greece! That's Where! – Part 3

US Democrats abroad usually vote via our home-state Boards of Election, but once every four years, we can also help select the Democratic presidential candidate.

We call it the Global Presidential Primary (GPP). The results indicate our share of the voice within the DNC and apportions our delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August.

If you're ...

  • a U.S. citizen or dual-national
  • residing long-term or temporarily outside the U.S.
  • and will be 18 on November 5, 2024,

... you have the right to vote from abroad in US elections!

If you live in Greece and are a member of Democrats Abroad Greece, you can vote in the Democrats Abroad GPP in-person at Voting Centers here in Greece or via electronic ballot.


For more details:
What the GPP is
Why we run a GPP
Where the GPP is in Greece (read below)
How to handle your home-state and GPP ballots
GPP – DA global view

Please note: You can state your choice for the presidential candidate ONLY once, either in the GPP or on your state ballot but NOT both!

Democrats Abroad Greece
Global Presidential Primary (GPP)

Tuesday, March 5th

Sunday, March  10th

Now till Tuesday, March 12th  
Register & get DA GPP e-ballot here

Already registered for 2024?
Request GPP e-ballot here




Tuesday, March 5
1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Dukakis Center
Stavros Constantinidis Hall
American College of Thessaloniki
17 Sevenidi Street
Pilea Thessaloniki 55535




Sunday, March 10
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Athens Centre
Archimidous 48
Athens 11636



Am I eligible?
If you’re a Democrats Abroad member in Greece and you haven’t voted (or plan to vote) in any other 2024 state presidential primary/caucus, you’re eligible to vote in the Global Presidential Primary.

If you have not yet joined Democrats Abroad, you can join and vote a provisional ballot at a Voting Center. If you have not yet registered in your home state, you can also do that at the Voting Center.

What if I can’t join a voting event in person?
If you can’t join us at one of our Voting Centers in Greece, you can vote remotely. Request a GPP ballot when you register at the Vote From Abroad website OR if you’re already registered for 2024, request your GPP ballot here.

Do votes in the GPP count?
Why should I participate in the GPP instead of voting in my state’s presidential primary?
Yes, your vote counts!
In fact, you could even say that votes in the GPP count even more. It's like the senatorial power for voters in the smaller states.

I vote in my home state primary.
Can I vote in the Global Presidential Primary and my home state primary?
You can vote on the down-ballot races (like for your congressperson or county sheriff) on your state ballot and vote presidential on the GPP. BUT, you can only vote in a presidential primary once. So, if you vote in the GPP and also send in your state ballot, leave the presidential race blank on it.

Where can I ask further questions? Or offer to help?!
Please email [email protected]