November 14, 2023

Upcoming Events November 2023

Fall is here! That means we are less than one year from Election Day 2024, and we are gearing up. I’m happy to report that the DA Europe, Middle East, and Africa retreat in Alicante last month was a huge success! Switzerland sent seven of our leaders to learn about fundraising, voter registration strategies, DNC delegate rules, media relations, and more. We returned confident and excited to develop our own national plan for 2024. As I’m sure you saw, Democrats celebrated some major victories last week in Kentucky, New Jersey, and Virginia, and Democratic policies won big in Ohio. We will need to work hard to maintain this momentum for the next year, and we need your help! Sign up to volunteer here.

Before we launch into voter registration drives and the Global Presidential Primary, I hope you will join us for a Thanksgiving event. Each of our chapters is hosting a potluck on a weekend day, and I’ll be at all of them! These events are family-friendly, lots of fun, and a wonderful opportunity to chat with fellow DA members over comfort food. I hope to see you there!

Democratically yours,

Tory Mallett
[email protected]

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Surely you saw the headlines (or listened to them on The Daily): 

Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden

This may (understandably) have you concerned about next year's elections. We at DA Switzerland wanted to share some additional articles that may help assuage some of your anxiety and urge you to get involved!

Read the entire post here.

  • Friendsgiving Potluck (Quartierraum Zentralstrasse, Zürich)
    November 19 | 5 PM
    • First adult: $40 US
    • Additional adult(s): $30 US
    • Children (under 10): Free

  • Thanksgiving Potluck Fundraiser (Holy Trinity Church, Geneva)
    November 25 | 5 PM
    • First adult (ages 15+): $30 US
    • Additional adult(s): $20 US
    • Children (ages 5-14): $10

  • Basel Thanksgiving Potluck (Baselland International School, Oberwil)
    November 26 | 4 PM
    • Adult (with turkey): $50 US
    • Adult (without turkey): $30 US
    • Children (ages 6-12): $30 US
    • Children (under 6): Free

Events may be added throughout the month, so be sure to check our Events page, social media channels, or our Google Calendar!

Please go to our website for more information on upcoming events, how to become a volunteer, and how to become a sustaining donor.

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