November 27, 2015


Welcome to Democrats Abroad Guatemala!

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We’re one of 48 country committees that comprise Democrats Abroad, the official Democratic Party arm for more than 9 million Americans living outside the United States.

If you’re an American citizen residing in Guatemala (including those of you who may have dual citizenship and have even spent the better part of your life here), are 18 years of age on or before the date of the next federal election, you have the right to vote in U.S. state and federal elections.

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The aim of Democrats Abroad is to provide Americans abroad a Democratic voice in our government and elect Democratic candidates by mobilizing the overseas vote.  Voting overseas (especially depending on your state) may seem at times cumbersome and downright frustrating.  Then there’s the mystery as to whether your vote was actually received and/or tabulated, and that’s not even considering the campaign currently underway by some states to make mail-in and absentee voting even more trying!

DAGT is here not only to assist with the voter registration process through, we can also provide other information, individual assistance and tools to help you cast your absentee ballots from Guatemala. For the US Embassy in Guatemala, in particular concerning American citizen services, please consult their website for more information.

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DAGT is self-funded, utilizing all funds raised to support our get out the vote efforts. We are very grateful to all of our donors for their generous support! Become a split-sustaining donor by supporting our efforts locally and globally HERE!

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John Chudy, Chair
Democrats Abroad - Guatemala 

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