Florida Dems Resolve to Support Voters Abroad

Last weekend, the Florida Democratic Party unanimously voted to adopt a resolution in support of Floridians abroad and the work that Democrats Abroad does to help both get out and protect the vote. 

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Georgia Voters: Share Your Story

If you experienced any issues voting in Georgia in 2018, Democrats Abroad and Fair Fight Action want to hear from you by June 15.

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Democrats Abroad Honors Our Fallen on Memorial Day

Democrats Abroad honors those who fought for democracy and freedom this Memorial Day. Our leaders and volunteers represented the organization in Memorial Day ceremonies across France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Philippines last weekend, and will also participate in ceremonies this weekend in France.



A Step Forward on the Road to Residency Based Taxation

Americans abroad who support expat tax reform have taken another step forward on the road to Residency Based Taxation (RBT).

Further to our report on the DA tax advocacy Capital Hill meetings of May 14-16, on Tuesday May 21 a group of Democrats Abroad global leaders who vote in the Virginia 8th Congressional district were scheduled to meet with Rep. Don Beyer, their member of Congress, to discuss expat tax reform (plus to a few other issues uniquely impacting Americans abroad).

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Democrats Abroad Calls on Americans Abroad To Participate in the 2020 Presidential Primary

Democrats Abroad, the largest organization for Americans living overseas and the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States, today announced the adoption of its 2020 Delegate Selection Plan.

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Health Care is a Human Right: Our Continued Work to Universal Health Care

As Americans living in over 90 countries around the world, we have the unique opportunity of viewing our home country from the context of a foreign lens, and the vast majority of our members have had experience with health care in our adopted countries.

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Volunteer Profile: Ann Hesse, Global Women's Caucus Chair

When Ann Hesse landed in Bielefeld, Germany in 1989, she was a wide-eyed opera singer looking for her next big break. Change was in the air. The collapse of the Berlin Wall was near. The fall of Communism in Eastern Europe was imminent. Looking back now, Hesse was also on the cusp of a monumental transformation.

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Statement on 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates

As an official state party recognized by the Democratic National Committee and the largest organization for Americans outside the US, Democrats Abroad takes our role very seriously when it comes to supporting the rights of all Americans to participate in fair and free elections, wherever they live.

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Bylaws Committee Public Hearings

In preparation for our 2019 DPCA Global Meeting, the Bylaws Committee will be hosting three public hearings to discuss the charter amendments propositions currently under consideration.

To view the PDF texts for each of the 2019 Charter Amendment Propositions, please go here on the wiki.

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Democrats Abroad Speaks with Christine Pelosi


In celebration of Women’s History Month, Democrats Abroad members from around the world joined a lively conversation with Christine Pelosi, Chair of the Women’s Caucus of the California Democratic Party, attorney, author and activist.

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