January 18, 2019

DA Germany Executive Committee Elections

Call for Nominations for

Positions on the Executive Committee

"It’s up to us!"

President Obama left us with this message in his farewell address. Every day since Nov. 8 (2016), we are seeing more clearly the challenges and opportunities we will have. Throughout the Trump presidency we will need to heed Obama’s call to “show up, dive in and stay at it."

Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG), the official arm of the Democrat Party for U.S. citizens living in Germany, is united in our support of environmental protections, policy grounded in scientific inquiry, women's rights, LGBTQ equality, the fundamental reform of our criminal justice, immigration, and education systems, and universal access to health care, child care, and maternity leave - among other issues.

With 12 chapters across Germany, as well as precinct groups in medium-sized cities which cooperate with our larger chapters, DAG's Country Committee is the third largest DA committee in the world, and our leaders work hard to represent and connect DAG's diverse and active members.

Democrats Abroad Germany will elect a new Executive Committee (ExCom), the leadership of DAG. The ExCom is elected for a two-year term and includes five officer positions:

Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, DPCA Voting Representative (6-7 positions)

and six at-large project coordinators:

Events & Fundraising Coordinator, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Coordinator, Chapter Development Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Media Contact, Database & IT Coordinator

to be elected at the

2019 DA-Germany Annual General Meeting

In Heidelberg on the weekend of February 22nd

We seek members motivated to help Democrats win races at all levels of our political process for the 2020 U.S. General Elections.
Join the leadership of DAG to do your part for Democrats activism to counter the policy being put in place by the new Republican Administration and to promote the Democratic message.
As part of the ExCom you will also build experience, broaden your network, have fun and meet great people! There will be plenty of opportunity and demand.

We provide you with job descriptions, to find the fitting ExCom position for you.

Contact the Nominations and Elections Committee if you have any questions and to submit your candidate statement to [email protected]

Applications must be received 4 weeks days before the election, i.e. Jan 25th. A candidate statement may be added, though, the earlier the better, as we want to send out a link to the candidate statements three weeks before the election.

Floor nominations are permitted at the meeting, but these candidates wouldn't benefit from candidate statements.

Kind regards,

The Nominations and Elections Committee 2019

[email protected]