Stronger Together, Until The End!

DAG is thrilled and infinitely thankful to its volunteers who have given so much from the beginning of the Primary, until the final days of the General Election! We have advanced and explored new means of getting out the vote - from very successful Facebook and YouTube ads, to thousands of calls with DPCA's new phone banking software.

While membership numbers and voter registration has flourished, the DAG account has suffered a tremendous strain. We are grateful to everyone who has supported DA Germany financially throughout the process, enabling our masses of volunteers to advance our goals.

In this final week, we ask everyone to join us in standing together, and declaring in one voice that we support the Democratic Party Candidates, down the ballot, and reject the demagogic rhetoric that has arisen across the aisle. Please consider making a gift of 25 EUR to DA Germany and receive the limited edition "She Wins, We Win" button - AND - "The Bad Hombre" - or - "Nasty Woman" Button!


Please complete this form ( and transfer your gift to DA Germany's account via: 

     IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99

These buttons will also be available in person at our election night festivities across Germany, and to our most dedicated, special donors.