January 02, 2021

Your help is needed to rescue votes in Georgia thru Jan 8th!

Georgia voters challenged

You can rescue votes in Georgia no matter where you are - thru Jan 8.  

Literally, thousands of Democrat voters in GA are calling the Democratic voter hotline because they are finding that they’re facing issues when they try to vote.  The Democratic Party can help them resolve the issues so their vote will count -- but needs volunteers like us to call these voters back one-by-one for assistance.

This is a “high value” volunteer opportunity.  “There’s a direct payoff.  Every person I reach becomes a vote gained,” says DA Canada member David Mivasair, who’s been doing this since Election Day.  “ And, I’m afraid that everyone we don’t reach is a lost vote.  Thousands are calling for help and waiting to hear from us.”

The Democratic Party of Georgia has a very effective system and simply needs people like us to make the calls.

If you can call into the U.S., you can do this.  You’ll use your own phone or another device, not an online dialer.  (Depending on your phone plan, there could be charges to you.  Please confirm your calling plan prior to signing up.)

Volunteer on your own - or join a phone bank with DA France on Jan 4-5

First, sign up at this link for an online training.  (Enter your voting zip code.)  There are several training sessions every day.  Then you can immediately start contacting some of the thousands of Democrat voters who are asking for help.  David is happy to help anyone get started and can be reached at +1 (604) 781-7839, or email [email protected], or on Facebook.

Once you get started, you’ll be able to call voters any time from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  

If you’d prefer to be part of a group making the calls, Dems Abroad France is organizing two days of Zoom calls for camaraderie and support.  That’ll be Monday and Tuesday, Jan 4th and 5th, 4:30 pm -6:30 pm Paris time (10:30 am - 12:30 pm EST).  Sign up to join the DA France phonebank Zoom: RSVP link for Monday; RSVP link for Tuesday.

In the November general election, the Democratic Party of Georgia “cured” over 20,000 initially-disqualified votes so they were counted in the end.  Biden-Harris won Georgia by less than 13,000 votes.  The math is simple.  Without the ballot “curing” campaign, we would have lost the state!

Voter suppression is real.  People are disqualified for supposed signature discrepancies, incorrect ID, changes of address, variant spellings of their name, and many other spurious reasons.  Most people David has called don’t even know their vote has been thrown out.  We get that information from public records.  Then, we inform them and help them rectify the situation.  Without us, their vote would be lost.  

Early next week, there are going to be thousands of more voters calling for help because they have had issues -- and thousands more whose ballots will be disqualified after they’ve voted will be publicly posted, but they won’t even know it unless we call them.

So, please, let’s do all we can.  Sign up for a training with Georgia Dems and then get started rescuing Democratic votes in Georgia, which you can do on your own or together with other DA volunteers on Monday and/or Tuesday.  We can do this!

Happy New Year!

Steve Nardi
Chair,  Dems Abroad Canada