Oct 2020 Candidate Information Team Update

This month the Candidate Information Team is proud to share the 2020 Women To Win Guide! Over the last six months the Candidate Information Team has interviewed 24 Democratic women running to flip Republican Congressional seats Blue or to keep their seat in a district they won in 2018. In this special guide, we are excited to remind the DA Global Women’s Caucus of each of the wonderful candidates the Candidate Information Team has worked with this election season. Read the full article to see your favorite ‘Women To Win’ once more so you can be sure to support and follow their campaigns by following links to the candidates’ WTW Profile and Candidate Forum, Candidate Site, Facebook, and Twitter. These women need our support and your vote could make the difference!

The team has been hard at work collaborating with campaigns to share with the GWC profiles of more impressive women running for office across the country. This month we begin in the North East. In New York State Nancy Goroff is running to represent the 1st District in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a Chemist and Chair of the Chemistry Department at Stony Brook University, Nancy will be the first woman in Congress to hold a doctoral degree in a STEM field. As a scientist, she is running with three main issues at the forefront of her campaign: the coronavirus, climate change, and healthcare. Nancy is dedicated to restoring the legitimacy of voices from the scientific community in Congress and across the nation. Read the full article by Emily Kulesa to learn more about Nancy and how to support her campaign. 

Over in Michigan, Elissa Slotkin is running for reelection to represent the state’s 8th Congressional District. MI-08 is a microcosm of the industrial Midwest. This community echoes the same concerns as many swing state voters across the country. As a MI-08 representative these last two years, Elissa has gone out on listening tours in her community. After thousands of conversations, she knows that the middle class is under direct threat and people are working harder for less. Congresswoman Slotkin will continue to fight to preserve the American Dream in Michigan if re-elected to Congress. Read the full article by Jamie McAfee to hear about Elissa’s priorities to lower drug costs, support veterans, and take up initiatives for cleaner environment and water systems. 

Westward in Nevada, Patricia Ackerman would be the first Democrat to represent Nevada’s 2nd District. "When you take the registered Democrats, and the non-partisans and green party... we have the majority. It is our job now to make sure our field plan is strong enough to where we can reach out to those individuals and make sure we win their votes." As a historic representative, Patricia is prepared to take on healthcare, climate change and creating clean energy jobs, and corruption as a representative in Congress. Read the full article by Kristen Vincent to learn more about Patricia and how to support her campaign. 

Just South in Arizona, Dr. Hiral Tipireni is running to represent the state’s 6th Congressional District, home of the political theatre of Maricopa County. Dr. Tipirneni’s appeal to voters is specifically because her background is not from the political world. She has amassed broad support among prominent leaders in the state, built a passionate volunteer team from the ground up, and is polling incredibly well. In an exclusive interview with Democrats Abroad, she said this about her fast-paced campaign, “Since our primary our race has been on an amazing trajectory forward. Our race has been designated as a toss-up. It went from likely to lean to toss-up. Not taking anything for granted, we are working hard to widen our lead. We want to make sure we get our message out to every single voter.” Read the full article by Jamie McAfee to learn more about Hiral’s fight for healthcare and good paying jobs, the economy, and a fair tax system.