Lübeck Precinct Captain, Hamburg Chapter, Germany

  • Chapter Elections - Hamburg and Northern Germany

    Every two years, the chapters of Democrats Abroad Germany hold their chapter elections for leadership positions. This year on March 5 at 6pm we will be voting for our new Chapter Chair and Treasurer. Information about how to run and the voting process will becoming soon from the CNEC! 

    Chapter Chair: Chair of our Chapter! Organisation center for Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen, and Flensburg. Responsible for scheduling chapter meetings, chapter and precinct development, and attending ExCom meetings with DAG once a month.

    Vice Chair: second to the chair. Allows for alternating on events and meetings and assits the organisation of the chapter. This role can be made to fit as it is in coordiation with the chair!

    Treasurer: Keeper of the Finances. Responsible for monitoring petty cash, keeping the chapter FEC compliant, and paying invoices for room and stand rentals, reservations, etc.

    Both postions will receive training from DA and can draw from the experience of past officers.

    You do NOT need to live in Hamburg to run! This is for the chapter at large and precinct members are encouraged to run!

    Important! The elections will begin at 6pm - the meeting before hand at 5:30pm. Please be on time as it facilitates the election process (being sure of quorum, confirming all candidates are present, etc).

    Be sure to RSVP for login information! 

    March 05, 2023 at 5:30pm
    Hamburg 20095
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    2023 DA Germany Annual General Meeting

    2023 will be an important year for Democrats Abroad Germany to come back together and reestablish our strong community of members. This will be our year to establish the foundation necessary to make sure we can hit the ground running in 2024. At Democrats Abroad Germany, our goal will always be to get each and every U.S. citizen in Germany to vote.

    After almost three years of mainly meeting online, we are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Annual General Meeting in Ingelheim am Rhein. The official meeting will take place at the iCC Konferenzzentrum in Ingelheim from Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26.

    We will also elect our new Executive Committee (ExCom). These are the leaders of DA Germany and includes several officers, nine at-large coordinators, and 13 Voting Representatives. You can learn more about the election process, who's running, and how you can run yourself here.

    If you are unable to attend in person, you still have the option to join the meeting online.


    Friday, March 24

    • Starting at 17:00: A welcome cocktail reception to connect with each other over drinks.

    Saturday, March 25

    • 9:00: The first half of the meeting will be focused on "Rebuilding and Reorganizing". We will briefly highlight our activities across Germany over the past year. Our full attention will then be directed at how we can strengthen our organization after spending almost three years as a largely online organization. 2023 is the year for us to come back together and build the foundation we will need to be successful in 2024.
    • 13:00: After lunch, elections for the new DA Germany leadership will be held. More information on the elections is below.
    • 19:00: Following the meeting, we’ll gather for a three-course gala dinner at the nearby restaurant Winzerkeller.

    Sunday, March 26

    • 10:00: Members of the newly elected Executive Committee will hold their first meeting to discuss the next steps and to get a chance to meet everyone.
    • For those that are not from the region, we will visit the Museum bei der Kaiserpfalz. This includes the Ingelheim Imperial Palace, which served emperors and kings as a lodging and a ruling seat. Following the tour, everyone is welcome to have lunch together at a local restauran.


    For in-person attendance, we are asking for a donation of $35 for the main meeting on Saturday. The cost for meals are as follows:

    • Friday cocktail reception: $15
    • Saturday lunch: $10
    • Saturday gala dinner (three-course meal): $65

    Under the rules of the Democratic Party and Democrats Abroad, a fee for attending the meeting is not allowed. However, we kindly ask for a donation to cover use of the iCC Konferenzzentrum, drinks (coffee, tea, water, and more), technical equipment, copies, and supplies. We ask that you donate this amount to help us avoid drawing down the DA Germany treasury, which is devoted to getting out the vote. Participants do have to pay for meals.

    We will collect information regarding any food allergies prior to the meeting to ensure that everyone will have something to eat.

    If you are participating online, we would ask you to still consider making a donation of $15.

    Stipends for Attending

    DA Germany understands the accompanying financial cost of attending the AGM, which is why we are offering five stipends to enable more members to attend. Members are welcome to apply for a stipend using this application form. The deadline to apply is Sunday, February 12. Applicants will be noticed about the status of their application by Wednesday, February 15. 


    The Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter has compiled a list of hotels and additional travel-related information for participants. Rooms for DA Germany have been reserved at IBB Hotel Ingelheim. Rooms with the reduced price are available until February 17, 2023. More information on how to reserve a room can be found here.


    We urge you to attend and vote in our upcoming election, as well as to consider running for one of the leadership positions. All details about the election can be found in the DA Germany Elections Rules and Procedures.

    The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) will be hosting online information sessions where potential candidates can ask about the election positions, election rules, DA Germany Executive Committee or other related DA Germany questions. The dates and times for these sessions will be announced soon.

    These DAG Executive Committee positions will be elected for two-year terms at the AGM:

    • Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Academic Outreach Coordinator
    • Advertising Coordinator
    • Caucus Coordinator
    • Chapter Development Coordinator
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Events & Fundraising Coordinator
    • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator
    • Membership & IT Coordinator
    • Press Coordinator
    • 10-15 DPCA Voting Representatives (exact number pending)

    Please review this document that includes detailed job descriptions for all positions.

    To run in the election, a candidate must have been a member of DA for at least 30 days and reside in Germany on the day of the AGM (March 25).

    Nominations, including self-nominations, can be made online to the NEC using this nomination form until February 27 at 12:00 CET. Nominations may also be made from the floor on the day of the election.

    On February 27, the NEC will post the list of nominations received by then, as well as candidate statements and letters of endorsement, on the DAG Election pageThis list of nominees, statements, and letters will be updated on March 6 and March 13.

    More detailed information on how to run in the election and how to participate in the election is available on the DAG Elections page.

    Changes to DA Germany Bylaws 

    While we discussed and voted on amendments to DA Germany’s Bylaws at last year's AGM, and we typically strive to do this only every other year due to time constraints, you still have the right to submit proposed amendments to the Bylaws Committee. If you would like to propose an amendment, please send your proposal to [email protected] by February 20, 2023, with the following information:

    • Changes you would like to make, listing Article and Section number where the changes should be applied. Please include either a direct mark-up of the text or describe your proposed change(s).
    • What is the goal of making this proposal?
    • How does this proposal achieve that goal?

    You can find a copy of the current DAG bylaws here to help you formulate proposed changes. The bylaws were last amended in March 2022.

    Once you RSVP to attend, you will be taken to the ticket page to purchase the meals and to donate to attend the meeting.

    March 24, 2023 at 5:00pm - March 26, 2023 at 12:00pm
    Konferenzzentrum Ingelheim iCC
    Binger Str 99
    Ingelheim 55218
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    Happy Pride! CSD in Lübeck on August 17

    Together with more than 2000 people, Democrats Abroad danced and celebrated love and tolerance through the streets of Lübeck. For the first time, the Lübeck precinct participated in the 2-hour Christopher Street Day parade proudly holding up our Happy Pride banner and Make America Gay Again signs. Our group was small but our message was loud and clear: our American values differ greatly from those of the current administration.

    Following the parade we positioned ourselves at the market place handing out information and the ever-so-popular Trump in Drag postcards, answering GOTV questions, receiving ubiquitous free hugs and generally just having a good time.

    Many thanks to our volunteers, especially to those from Hamburg, who traveled hours to help make our event a success.

    We are looking forward to participating again next year with our own pavilion. Contact me if you have any suggestions and/or would like to volunteer.

    Happy Pride!


    Article by Cynthia Walther and photos by Cynthia  and Sean Walther



    Many thanks to all of you for volunteering your time and efforts during the CSD Pride Weekend in Hamburg. Thanks to you, we were able to sign up several new members and to have great conversations with Americans, Germans, and people of other nationalities who visited our stand. In these times, it’s important to show our community that not all Americans support the current administration and that there are many actively working for positive change. Our stand was also a financial success, with donations that will be of great help in funding get-out-the-vote efforts during the coming year.
    Please join us again soon in Lübeck on 17 August where we will take in their CSD Pride Parade at 13:00 with our precinct leader Cynthia Walter and other volunteers.

    Text by Maryann Schmunk; Photos by Maryann Schmunk and Vinnie Cabrera


  • published Holiday GetTogether in Lübeck in News 2017-12-24 06:12:52 -0500

    Holiday GetTogether in Lübeck


    DECEMBER 16, 2017

    The sun shone on Lübeck this Saturday! Not only literally, bathing historic buildings and bustling markets in a sharp winter light, but also figuratively, in the comfortable office of YouSpeak, where the Lübeck Precinct held its open house. Three hours of brainstorming discussions were only interrupted to continue with a glass of Glühwein at the nearby Medieval Advent Market in the shadow of the towering Marienkirche.

    Discussions ranged from the practical—planning the upcoming March for Democracy on January 20—to the political—trying to prevent the loss of net neutrality and examining the wide-reaching implications of a tax bill that could change our country´s course entirely.

    Most interesting were the theoretical questions. How can we help ourselves and each other to keep informed about so many complex issues that could play an oversized role in our future, such as environmental issues and climate change and its effect on livelihoods? How should political parties navigate the fine line between patriotism and nationalism? Or how to continue to react to the seemingly endless attempts to deprive millions of health care? We also asked ourselves: why should one become a member of Democrats Abroad and how can we encourage members to become more active volunteers? The answer—afternoons like this! Many thanks to Cynthia for her hospitality and Maryann´s cookies weren´t bad either.

    Text by Maryann Schmunk, Photos by Maryann Schmunk and Cynthia Walther


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    Uncharted Territory



    Theater performance directed by Julia Hart.

    Lichthof Theatre, 10-11 June 2017


    How did you feel after the election and how does one cope with the anger, disappointment, fear, and hopelessness experienced by millions of Americans after the election in November?  Form a theater group was the therapy offered by director Julia Hart, who brought together nine women (many from Democrats Abroad Hamburg), both experienced and novices to the stage, to express their feelings and those of anonymous others in cleverly choreographed sequences probing emotions from self-criticism to despair.


    The audience immediately became more than just spectators, and in fact remained for an hour after the performance to ask questions and share information with the cast.  Among the many interesting observations were the following:

    . The cast shed tears during rehearsals while working through the deep hurt they felt, and shared true stories, but for theatrical purposes, rotated roles so that most often they were not relating their own experiences, but those of others.

    . They spoke of deep political/emotional rifts within their own families which may not be repairable.

    . They doubted that they would be so free to speak about these feelings right now in the States, what with the deep divisions that remain.

    . They had to endure the taut “you don´t have any idea how it is” from those stateside, which only increased their feelings of powerlessness.


    As a German member of the capacity audience concluded, “You touched me, made me laugh, and feel the pain.”  If you missed these two performances, watch this space for more information about a possible extra performance during the first week of July.

    Article  by Maryann Schmunk

    Photo by Julie Silvera


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    Political Book Club - Hillbilly Elegy

    Democrats Abroad Hamburg Political Book Club Meeting at

    Mathilde, Literatur und Café, 4 June 2017

    Hillbilly Elegy by J.D.Vance


    Even after nearly three hours of discussion, the important themes and lessons learned from Hillbilly Elegy were not yet exhausted, but we were!  J.D. Vance´s autobiography is direct, shocking, graphic, heartwarming, optimistic and depressing by turns, but without a doubt, worth reading.  It offers an illuminating comparison to our last book, Joe Bageant´s Deer Hunting with Jesus, written more than ten years earlier, but dealing with the same regional sub-culture, descendants of Scots-Irish immigrants who settled in the Appalachians in the 18th century.  Both authors detail the vicious cycle of violence and self-destructive behavior, unemployment, alcohol and drugs that plague these “hill people”, who are nonetheless fiercely devoted to their kin and culture.  “Our elegy is a sociological one, yes, but it is also about psychology and community and culture and faith,” writes Vance.


    Bageant´s book was divided into chapters that dealt with themes aimed at offering prescient policy tips to Democrats and trying to explain this largely overlooked population who many years later, catapulted Trump to victory.  Vance, on the other hand, illustrates his lessons learned by detailing the story of his life:  coping with his mother´s five husbands, constant moves and drug addictions, plus his birth father´s retreat into evangelicalism.   Along the way he helplessly observes the increasing isolation and disintegration of this working class community.  It is only a stint in the marines which breaks the seemingly downward spiral of his life because it instills in him the discipline and self-respect required to take control of his destiny.  In the end, both authors managed to escape their seemingly predestined fate in a “world of truly irrational behavior” as Vance puts it, in the only way they saw possible—by leaving—with all the conflicting emotions that entailed.


    Now a Yale law school graduate, Vance credits his grandmother with providing the only constant support and stability in his troubled youth, plus a certain amount of luck in finding guidance at crucial stages of his life, with pulling him from the abyss which enveloped so many of the people he grew up with.  It is a fascinating story, made all the more poignant today by the fact that these people who feel abandoned by politicians, distrustful of the news media, and jealous of elites, are nevertheless the ones who propelled Trump into office in the Rust Belt states.  We had to ask ourselves if it is at all possible to overcome the gap that separates us; to develop policies locally that address their specific problems; to find democratic candidates that they can relate to—that look like them and talk like them.  We all agreed that local government and social services had largely failed this community, and that most were never given the tools to succeed in schools lacking well trained teachers and counselors who could prepare and motivate students first for life, and then for further education whether it is college or vocational schools, and compensate for a lack of role models in the community.  A mixture of students—from every economic class—would also be helpful in this regard.


    Democrats, for their part, must engage in local politics and a listening tour, although Vance insists that in the end, it is his hillbillies who should stop blaming the President for their problems and start trying to do something themselves.  Also suggested, by our group, was the idea of developing a civilian corps which deploys trained locals to help others from their communities to solve problems of infrastructure, job retraining, even parenting, without taking away their pride.  Vance himself has recently given up his comfortable life in California to return to Ohio to start a non-profit organization to help the people he identifies with to get ahead in life just as his wife and kindly mentors enabled him.  “Public policy can help, but there is no government that can fix these problems for us” he concludes.


    We hope to schedule another meet-up this month for those who could not make it and because there is still so much food for thought in this book even for those of us who met this weekend.  Please join us!  (Mail us at [email protected] and we will notify you when a date is set.)

    Article and photo by Maryann Schmunk



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    There is no Alternative to Science!

    Gale force winds, sleet and freezing temperatures could not stop some 2,000 people from turning out to support the March for Science on Earth Day, 22 April.  Among them were many members of Democrats Abroad from Hamburg and northern Germany.  Science had its place in the sun though, as various speakers extolled the virtues of truth and fact based research and communication as the only weapon against the spreading confusion of "alternative facts".

    Article by Maryann Schmunk

    Photos by Maryann Schmunk and Chesney McKinley Severance


  • published Political Book Club in News 2017-04-25 16:15:29 -0400

    Political Book Club


    Political Book Club—first meeting April 9, 2017


    Although many of us were only half way through the book, all of us were impressed with Deer Hunting with Jesus.  Written by Joe Bageant in 2007, this compelling non-fiction narrative is eerily prescient.  Not only did Bageant predict the real estate crash of 2008 and its consequences, but he offers an analysis of alternative facts and deplores the inability of democrats to reach out to those who became Trump voters 10 years later.


    Chesney, who suggested the book and started the group, welcomed the eight of us at a cozy table in Mathilde Literatur Café, then moderated the discussion.  Among the many insights gained about what the author terms the “working poor” in the town of his birth:


    • Quite apart from the constitution, guns are an inalienable part of their culture and very being.
    • Each individual alone must take responsibility for his life, with no “handouts” from the government.
    • If you have not succeeded, it can only be because of your inferiority—the wealthy deserve their elite status.
    • Their dependence for nearly all information, political and otherwise, is on conservative talk radio.
    •  Republicans have systematically infiltrated this society for more than thirty odd years, succeeding in dominating local politics from the school board on up.



    The book is often shockingly blunt, especially when Bageant describes the “meanness at the heart of our Republic”, but it is clear that Democrats will have to dramatically change their approach to large segments of the American population in order to win future elections.  Reading books such as this one, is the first step to knowing and understanding our opponents, in order to reach out to them somehow. It may not be possible, but it is certainly worth a try.

    Article  by Maryann Schmunk, photo by Chesney McKinley Severance


  • published Hamburg was at the AGM in Berlin in News 2017-04-08 10:06:30 -0400

    Hamburg was at the AGM in Berlin


    The Annual General Meeting of the Democrats Abroad in Germany took place in Berlin from March 31 to April 2 and the Hamburg Chapter was strongly represented with 16 members - the most members from one chapter, after Berlin. It was a weekend spent with debate - sometimes heated, discussions and laughter. 

    The AGM started on Friday already with the workshop „Looking forward - Sustainability in a Volunteer Organization“. Members of the Hamburg Chapter who attended the workshop will be reporting the results of this workshop this Sunday at our chapter meeting. It was followed by the Early Bird Dinner at the RED restaurant in the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Other members started networking and getting to know the various candidates for the DA Germany positions.

    The core work took place on Saturday. There were 6 hours of workshops interspersed with coffee breaks and lunch, in which members split up into six groups and worked out action plans for various issues. While flip charts and post-its dominated the meeting rooms, a silent discussion of important issues hung on the walls of the roof terrace, which was a popular refuge during the hot and sunny day.

    The elections were an eventful and long process. It was the first time that chapters were able to participate live via internet or telephone. Unfortunately there was some disagreement about certain procedural rules. Congratulations to our newly elected officers! The new DA Germany leaders are found here. Shortly past 6 o’clock everyone was happy for the hour break before dinner. 

    The highlight of the entire weekend was the gala dinner with Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, Indiana as the keynote speaker. He gave a motivational speech stressing freedom, family, fairness and future. Quaide Williams rewarded a few members for exceptional accomplishments, of whom our own Pam Cory was one of the recipients for her excellent work as our former chair. After a few glasses of wine and a fund-raising raffle, karaoke wrapped the evening up in a not quite so melodious but entertaining fashion.

    On Sunday, while many members explored Berlin or headed home, the Ex-Com meeting took place. We’re looking forward to hearing about the takeaways from this meeting on Sunday as well.

    All in all, the AGM was useful to coordinate with members around Germany in moving forward. Specific ideas were born on the weekend and bonds among people with a common goal were strengthened. 


    Article written by Cynthia Walther

    Photos by Chesney McKinley-Severance and Cynthia Walther


  • published Women's March in Lübeck in News 2017-03-20 17:58:53 -0400

    Women's March in Lübeck

    On March 11th Democrats Abroad, Hamburg Chapter, participated in the Women's March in Lübeck. The atmosphere and the colors were vibrant. Over 1000 protesters, many donning pink pussyhats, marched up from the iconic Holsten Gate through the old city of Lübeck. Various political organizations, social groups and charities were represented and many set up information stands on the "Schrangen" where the march concluded. The pleasant weather encouraged the crowds to linger and enjoy the live music and gather information. The Lübeck precinct of Dems Abroad also distributed information about our role in Germany, views of the current political situation and becoming a member. The postcards "Make America Gay Again" were high in demand especially among the young people. Standing up for women's rights and our democratic values was a thrilling experience!

    Article and photos by Cynthia Walther


  • published Chapter Meeting in February in News 2017-02-23 09:15:03 -0500

    Chapter Meeting in February


    Thirty-three energized, committed democrats gathered on Saturday (18 Feb.) for the first general meeting of the year.  Many had travelled great distances, some were not even members yet, and others said that they had never before been politically active, but they ALL felt that now was the time to do something.  Inaction was yesterday! 


    First order of business was the election of the new chapter chair Marc Castagnero.  Marc´s first words expressed the feelings of the entire group, that the success of the chapter—its activism, dramatic increase in members and willing volunteers was a testament to the determination and dedication of Pamela Cory, its chair for the past two years.  


    In order to fulfill the wishes of members to be able to protest what they find unfair and to let their views be heard in Congress, Ali prepared a presentation on the most effective way to lobby one´s congressperson, even from abroad.  We were encouraged to stay informed online (for example, http://votesmart.org/, or www.govtrack.us/congress/bills#get-alerts) and to make our voices heard, be it by telephone or postcard, individually or in small neighborhood groups.  To show how serious we take this responsibility, Sarah encouraged us to sign a pledge to make one phone call every week, and then we each proceeded to write a postcard that was mailed right after the meeting.  This was just the start!


    Time did not permit a full discussion of all the possible events that we would like to schedule in the near future.  Instead there was a suggestion to change the name of our chapter to reflect the valued participation of members from all over northern Germany (Hamburg and Northern Germany or Hamburg Area for example), to be voted on in the future.


    Written by Maryann Schmunk

    Photos by Eric Shambroom



    Hamburg chapter meeting - Feb 2017 photo DA_HH_Election_MG_7298__zpsm2cc8ago.jpg

     photo DA_HH_Election_MG_7250__zps1g1einju.jpg

    Marc Castagnera -our new chapter chair photo DA_HH_Election_MG_7241__zpsksf6okcy.jpg

  • published Hamburg Women's March in News 2017-01-22 15:00:44 -0500

    We the People: A March for American Democracy

    On January 21st, one day after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the USA, Democrats Abroad members and other supporters from all over Northern Germany met at the Hamburger Rathaus to join the millions around the world marching for human rights.  The march was kicked off with the song "God Bless America" shortly after 4pm, by which time it had become clear that the turnout would be much larger than expected.  A total of 700 "anxious, jealous guardians of democracy" marched in unity to the US Consulate General, chanting and singing in an act of peaceful protest.  The number of people and enthusiastic mood reflected the worldwide success of the January 21st marches, as well as the sentiment among Democrats to take action and protect the rights and freedoms that make the USA the country it is.  The march concluded with a candlelight vigil, song and a call to continued action.  Information about how to be active from abroad was distributed.  Since the event, the Hamburg Chapter has received several membership requests from eager, American volunteers.  The Chapter looks forward to being joined by new Americans in the Hamburg area and northern Germany, and coordinating with non-Americans to make a difference in the never-ending fight for human rights and democratic values!

    Article by Marc Castagnera

    A video of the vigil in front of the consulate can be seen here: 

    Video and photos by Eric Shambroom 



  • published Election Night Party in News 2016-12-22 10:00:15 -0500

    Election Night Party

    8-9 December, 2016


    Despite the shock and disappointment that overwhelmed us in the early morning hours of December 9, we would be remiss if we did not report on our lively election night party.  The German Social Democratic Party kindly invited us to join them for an open ended evening/morning held at their headquarters, in Kurt Schumacher House.  Over 150 people packed the large rooms which had been festively decorated with flags, banners and brightly colored campaign posters.  Our red, white and blue blended perfectly with their red, just as our members mingled easily with theirs.  By the time the panel discussion began it was standing room only.  Phillip Reviere of Democrats Abroad Hamburg joined three other experts and a moderator to discuss the inner workings of the US election system, their prognosis of who would win (unfortunately wrong), and comparisons with Germany.  Members of the audience eagerly asked questions, munched on donuts and later enjoyed music while waiting for the first results. 

    One American from the audience, MJ Ayer (actor, dancer and singer in Hamburg), expressed concern with how the Democratic Party had been treating the minorities in the campaign. Although his statement was listened to with respect, he wasn’t given much attention. Only days later would we realize that he was addressing one of the deficiencies of the campaign.

    As the results came in, the excitement grew at first, the crowd cheering with each newly won blue state and district. In the beginning the few red states on the board didn’t offend. The atmosphere dampened quickly, however, when Florida refused to go blue. By 3 am it slowly dawned on everyone that the election might turn out differently than expected. In the early morning hours, only a handful Americans were left, trying not to give up all hope. They were reluctant to leave the supportive company of their fellow democrats. Eventually it became clear to all present that the challenges of 2017 had changed their shape completely. It is now more important than ever to be politically active and stand up for what we believe in.

    Our sincere thanks goes out to the SPD Zentrale for their invitation, organization and their supportive members.

    Written by Maryann Schmunk and Cynthia Walther

     Please click on the image below to see the Election Night Party Photo Album

    Election Night Party

  • Gun Control: Thousands of Lives can be Saved with a few Regulations

    Some thirty five people filed into the Linklater Auditorium on 27 October 2016 to watch the film "Making a Killing:  Guns, Greed and the NRA".  We were proud to announce that it was the first showing outside the USA, and we remain extremely grateful to Brucerius Law School and its politically active students who offered us such an attractive room for the premiere, and even provided popcorn and soft drinks as sustenance for the 103 minutes of this wrenching documentary.  The film demonstrated emotionally, but backed by reliable statistics, how the greed of the National Rifle Association supercedes any concern for the lives of vulnerable, often totally innocent victims of gun violence.

     The evening began with an introduction by Eric Shambroom which compared statistics related to guns in the USA and Germany and it ended as he threw the floor open to questions.  Several people spoke and one asked for more information about the Second Amendment.  The most telling and sad line of the discussion was Eric´s observation of the difference that the placement of a comma could make in the interpretation of a few short lines in a document written over 200 years ago--the U.S. Constitution.  

     Here however, are some practical regulations the filmmakers suggest could save thousands of lives.  These common sense measures already enjoy a large acceptance by the American public:

     1.  Make universal background checks mandatory for all gun sales.  (For gun fairs, private, and internet sales these checks are not required as yet)

    2.  Lock all guns and store them safely.  New technical features have been developed that make it easy to lock a gun to prevent someone else from using it accidentally.

    3.  Increase co-operation between neighboring states with differing regulations (for example, Chicago, where within 30 minutes anyone can cross state borders and buy all the weapons that are forbidden in Illnois)

    4.  Introduce a purchase limit for buying ammunition.  This is especially important online where there are currently no limits on the types and amounts of weapons and ammunition that can be bought in a short time.

    5.  Consider requiring a 24 hour waiting period before being allowed to buy a gun.  Even this short amount of time would prevent countless suicides.  This is a public health issue that should be addressed .

     The filmmakers urge all of us to take action--write congressmen, stage protests--whatever draws attention.  They rightly point out that the only purpose assault weapons serve is to kill massive amounts of people in the shortest amount of time.  We would like to help save these lives instead.

    Article written by Maryann Schmunk

  • published Campaign Kickoff--Labor Day Celebration in News 2016-10-21 08:34:46 -0400

    Campaign Kickoff--Labor Day Celebration

    The largest crowd in recent history turned out for our Campaign Kickoff--Labor Day Celebration on 5 September in Hamburg!  The group was energized by the presence of so many new members, in large part thanks to the recently formed Young Dems. We were also pleased that Jan Pörksen, SPD member, shared his thoughts on the democratic process with us, and that Quaide Williams, DA Chair, travelled such a long way to attend.

     After partaking of an impressive array of food and drink, the thirty attendees broke into working groups and set about urgently making plans for get-out-the-vote events.  Our thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who made these projects such a success!  


  • published Americans Get Out the Vote in Hamburg in News 2016-10-19 11:10:12 -0400

    Americans Get Out the Vote in Hamburg

    Democrats Abroad Hamburg hosted two successful Get Out the Vote Information Tables on Jungfernstieg on the Alster. Over two weekend days in October, our eager DA volunteers spoke to well over a hundred people, including many Americans. The Info Table volunteers encouraged Americans to request their absentee ballots, informed potential voters about state deadlines, inspired non-Americans to persuade their American friends to vote from abroad, and had many exciting and surprising conversations with people about the election and its potential effects on people here in Germany and around the world. We were thrilled to reach so many Americans (and those that know them) and glad to share with Hamburg a bit of good ol' fashioned American grassroots GOTV activism!

  • published Lübeck Precinct has a Successful Start in News 2016-10-18 12:10:05 -0400

    Lübeck Precinct has a Successful Start

    October 2nd was the first Get-together of the new Lübeck precinct. The group was small, but lively. Among mountains of chocolate chip cookies and brownies, we compared ballots from our different states and discussed other possibilities of reaching Americans in the Lübeck area. We answered questions about voting, becoming a Democrats Abroad member and some other general questions about living in Germany.

    We still have lots of t-shirts, cups, buttons and cups, so if you don't have your election survival kit yet, make sure you stop by to stock up!