First Thursday June 3: All Talk No Action

How many of these quiz questions can you answer correctly?  Can you guess the topic of our next First Thursday get together?

1)   What do James Stewart, Strom Thurmond and Wendy Davis have in common and why?

(Hint :  How long would you be able to remain standing and talk unceasingly without eating, drinking or going off topic?)

2)   Which of the following might critics of this tactic compare it to?

  • hostage-taking
  • guerilla warfare
  • a talkathon
  • all of the above

3)   Which of the following is the most likely reason senators of the majority party would prefer to maintain this tactic?

  • They would not want to violate the Constitution, which allows the practice.
  • They have great respect for past senators who have used the tactic.
  • They know that one day they might be in the minority party.
  • They strongly believe in the principle of unlimited debate.

Legislators have often been stymied by Senate filibusters in their efforts to advance their legislative agendas. Are filibusters useful or problematic? Should this tactic be modified or banned in today’s highly divisive political environment?     

Come join us for First Thursday on June 3rd at 7 pm for a discussion on filibusters with Dirk Larsen, US attorney and DA Lyon Board member.

Questions are welcomed!



June 03, 2021 at 7pm - 9pm Paris Time
Via Zoom - Link sent to those who RSVP
Lyon 69000
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Diane Sklar ·
Craig Becker Susan Fitoussi Diane Sklar Marjorie Bernstein Bruce Murray Constance Borde Dirk Larsen catherine coolidge Lindsey Robrecht Pierre Filatov

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