A Coach and a Player



The dedication and bonding of both permeates the barriers of age and life.
The transplanting of knowledge into the player with the grace and skill of
An eagle in a hunt.

The bonding overgrows the years current and past to an unknown level of
Continuous dialogue of both is truth and understanding. As the player goes into the
Realm of being a “Basketball Jones” as his coach had been for so many years.

His coach's love of that 'round pill' supersedes all other sports on this planet.
As the player watches like a hawk on the prowl for a victim. Seeing through all
Of the side noise and distractions with the focus of a shark. He embraces all of the
Coaches style and techniques honing them into a grace likeness of a track star in
A 'poetry in motion' likeness with a pure desire to win and win every time.

As he embraces- his players with a cocoon of love and respect instilling in them the need
To be the very best for themselves in each and every challenge.

The days-weeks-months and years pass with grace and the emerging of a coach- not
A player as the cocoon dropped away. All that was ingrained in his soul and heart became
As granite to be the best and the best is just around the corner.

Now -as the epitome of his former coach no longer a player- but a coach. As the
Crowd roars and his players push to be as he was with his coach in high school.
Polishing their skills in a diamond like way revealing the inner beauty of perfection of
Them as their coach - not a player for his former coach in high school.

As the years pass, the coach and his coach continue their bond as though it is yesterday.
As the crowd roars and his players smile with love for their coach as he did to his
Coach in his high school days.

With a championship as their target and bound with a steel like bond between the players
and their coach -they take to the floor-and the clock starts...


© 2021 “The Coach and the Player”- Paul S Hickman- All Rights Reserved


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