I Remember You



I remember you, when we went swimming in dad's pond.
I was not mud crawling!

I remember you, when you drove the wagon wheel over,
Jo's arm after she fell out of it.

I remember you when you threw my red fire truck out,
Of our burning house.

I remember you, when someone let the 1936 Plymouth roll down,
The hill into the frozen pond -two mules pulled it out.

I remember you and Rudy playing one on one basketball.
I remember you always beat him, and how you two,
Put that small tennis ball through the hoop,
Of an empty tin can-nothing , but net!

I remember you and the Monarch bicycle you bought,
After Rudy had bought a Schwinn bike.

I remember you calling out got a “carp” as you came from,
Fishing at the lake crawling with venomous snakes.

I remember you and the bricks you threw at the venomous snake,
That had climbed up the tree next to the house.
When you got home from school -he almost bit me as,
I was playing self catch in the Yard.

I remember you and the blue and white 1955 Ford,
With its broken drive shaft that you repaired.

I remember you and your beautiful bride named Sadie,
Whom you brought to Muskogee to meet us.

I remember you and your beautiful daughter Brenda,
Whom you sent us a picture of her at birth.

I remember you and how proud you were of Tim,
Joann's husband And how smart you said he was -
Truly he is. But, Joann is smarter and better looking.

I remember you and your IBM computer that sparkled my,
Children' interest in computers -that I have been,
Paying for every since.

I remember seeing you at the Mayo Clinic, and you,
Gave me the grand tour of the facility in your wheel,
Chair-thinking nothing phases this guy!

I remember you, I remember you my brother, I remember,
You are my mentor and hero! You did so much in spite of it all.
I never heard one word of “self-pity”!

Enjoy Heaven! My brother -you have earned it!


Copyright (c) 2007, Paul S Hickman, All Rights Reserved


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