This Is Not My Dream


“Show me thy Rituals and I will show thee thy Heart”.
          - Paul S Hickman


This Is Not My Dream

My mother call me “Martin”. Not just my name, but
  A strong spiritual tone in her voice. Seemingly, the
     Same as all the others at play. But, mine was
                      Different than theirs.

   Not even I could understand that hallow feeling
 Burning in the center of my chest. Swiftly, time was
     Passing through roads of life mine was unlike
      The others- too. As it seems like living in a
           Strange world. Peering, out into the
           Outer world. This is not my Dream.

     And, far beyond my reach, but the end was
 Not in my sight. There is much more to do more
               To do. This is not my Dream.

      Tears, rolling down my cheeks. People of
      All cultures embracing each other giving
  Love for a great loss. Marching, as one culture.
    I saw in my dream that BLM as the epitome
                        Of my dreams.

   Then, came the culture of the vile deed doers.
  As with me, the invisible battle rages on. Hearts
  filled with hatred, despair and fear of that which
      will come -violent. This is Not my Dream.

   Whose hand is this! Lord is that you? Martin!
 Your job is done time to come home. It has been a
 Long, but short journey with so much more to do.
    Wiping the paths of wrongness with care and
    Thoughtfulness. Sure, there were good times
                        Beyond the pale.

  Maybe, I can watch them from here as my soul
         Sails around until the end of eternity.
         I have a Dream! I have a Dream...!


© 2021 “THIS IS NOT MY DREAM”-Paul S Hickman-All Rights Reserved


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