DA International (and DAG member) interview in ZDF

Katie Solon, DA International Chair, explains how Americans living abroad can tip the scale in this election. Read the interview in ZDF


Get Out the Vote Survival Packs!

Getting Out the Vote is hard work and in order to energize our volunteers, we have developed a pair of “GOTV Survival Packs” to help with the GOTV initiatives this fall! If you don’t have time to volunteer but would like some nice swag, please donate to fund important GOTV efforts throughout Germany: 

     - Facebook ads have been HUGELY successful, and we want to do a lot more through October.
     - Phone banking all our members costs money, and lots and lots of volunteer hours.
     - All members without a phone number (1000+) will be mailed to make sure they are up to date on this year's General Election (Deutsche Post is reliable, albeit expensive!)

Donate to Democrats Abroad Germany, receive one of the packs below, and help DAG with these critical priorities through Nov 8th! Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact our “Membership and Volunteer Coordinator” via [email protected]

Please choose one of the following “GOTV Survival Packs”, fill in the Google “order form” here, and make the suggested donation to The‎ DA Germany account:

     Democrats Abroad Germany
     IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99


Show your pride with this fancy tote bag, and receive a selection of five campaign buttons (Include your Clinton, Sanders or Dem preference in order form "Notes" - See Button Options Below)!


That hard work getting out the vote might make you thirsty… So, this Survival Pack includes not only the tote bag and the five buttons, as described above, it also includes a coffee mug and a sports water bottle. 


Get ready to close out a hard fought campaign season with this ultimate package! This Survival Pack includes the tote bag and the five buttons, as described above, the coffee mug, sports water bottle, a piece of 100% shattered glass ceiling, and a "Hill Yes" Oktoberfest style Herzl! 

T-SHIRT - 1 = 15 EUR; 2 = 25 EUR

T-shirts are 100% cotton, thick and high quality. T-shirts are available in men's and women's styles. NOTE: Women's styles run small!

SWEATSHIRT - 1 = 40 EUR; 2 = 75 EUR

Sweatshirts are an 80-20 blend, super comfortable and soft (brand: Russel). Sweatshirts are available in men's and women's styles.


Philanthropy and You!

Democrats Abroad Germany is ecstatic to announce the inception of the Stars & Stripes Society, recognizing and thanking those who financially support DAG activities at a leadership level. The society's membership is tiered to be inclusive of participants with varying levels of means, who perpetually go the extra mile in support of our united mission. The 2016 levels are:

Patriot: $240, in commemoration of the United States' 240th birthday.

Star: $50, in commemoration of the 50 States.

Colonist: $13, junior/student level in commemoration of the 13 stripes.

Your continued generosity supports efforts to Get Out the Vote, expand awareness of key issues to Democrats residing throughout Germany, and solidifies unity through events and activities. Together, we strengthen and enable the expression of American voices abroad.

Contributions may be made through direct bank transfer to:

Democrats Abroad Germany
Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern
IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99

or via the Act Blue processor!

On behalf of the Democrats Abroad Germany Executive Committee and all those who benefit from your generosity, please accept our sincerest thanks!

Hamburg Chapter Global Presidential Primary March 5th

The DAG Hamburg Chapter had a successful Presidential Primary giving members their Chance to cast their votes for their Presidential preference by selecting the corresponding Democrats Abroad Delegates.

Berlin Chapter hosts Global Town Hall Party!

Membes of the Berlin Chapter gather to watch Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Madeleine Albright representing Secretary Hillary Clinton's campaign at the Democrats Abroad Global Town Hall on  Sunday, February 21

Democrats Abroad Germany Global Primary Locations

Members in Germany can vote in Person at 13 locations!

Göttingen Democratic Presidential Debate Watch

We had a great turnout for our debate watching party.

 photo GoettDebateWatch_zps58be75d1.jpg



DAG Wiesbaden / Mainz


Wiesbaden/Mainz celebrates Christmas

We had a cozy and fun Christmas party at our "Stammlokal" the Andechser on Saturday, Dec. 12th