Office: Member-at-Large – Membership and Voter Outreach

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Taylor de Graffenried (Bern)

I would like to declare my interest in becoming the Member-At-Large for Membership/Voter Registration in the DACH Executive Committee. With the current political climate in the USA, and voter disenfranchisement, I want to take a leadership position in ensuring that US citizens abroad have the support and information needed to remain registered and receive their absentee voting ballots. In addition to that, I would like to work with other members of DA in order to support the enfranchisement of US citizens born abroad. Specifically, I would like to work with DACH members and others to try to pressure the approximately 14 US states that do not give voting rights to citizens born outside the US and who have never maintained residence in the US.

I had the opportunity to register voters at a couple of DACH events and I was surprised to learn that it can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process. US citizens abroad should never be prevented from voting because of a sometimes confusing bureaucratic process. I want to do whatever I can to smooth this process for US voters abroad, especially with the importance of the 2018 elections.

Additionally, I feel that the implementation of a ten percent growth in membership can be achieved as a by-product of well planned and organized voter outreach. I personally joined DA during the process of registering for my absentee ballot and I believe that strategy, coupled other outreach events, will ensure that we are able to meet our membership goals.

I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with the Executive Committee to advance both our membership and voter registration goals.


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