January 24, 2022

Global Caucus Takeover: GBC & GYC

Feb. 14th - 20th 2022 the Global Black Caucus (GBC) and the Global Youth Caucus (GYC) are teaming up to take over each other's social media accounts to raise awareness of mutual issues.

During the second Democrats Abroad Global Caucus Social Media Takeover Week the GBC & GYC are taking over each other's social media accounts while advocating on the issues related to their cause.  

Both Caucuses know that highlighting intersectionality and working closely together is a vital part of advocating for their constituents. Both caucuses are made up of DA members of all genders, ages, religions, ethnicities etc. but does the GBC really know what issues are important to the youth? Does the GYC understand the importance of African-American history? These are only two of many more questions that will be highlighted, during the caucus social media takeover week.

The GBC & GYC are teaming up to dismantle mutual prejudices from within their own communities and are highlighting their common issues. By moving forward and securing Democratic wins during elections, our communities become stronger together. 

During the Caucus Crossover Week, Feb. 15th - 21st 2022, both caucuses will be highlighting issues such as: 

  • African American & Young Voters Votes Matter
  • Student Loans
  • Environmental Racism Climate Change
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration

We will finish with a Caucus Crossover Panel Discussion between GBC & GYC on Sunday, February 20th 11am CET on Zoom. 

Make sure to RSVP to be part of the discussion and please make sure to follow the GBC & GYC social media channels. 



We all can learn so much from each other….!