October 21, 2016

Democrats Abroad Hong Kong - Introduction

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Hong Kong (DAHK), the official country committee for Democrats living in Hong Kong.  As a political group, we aspire to be relevant to the members of the Democratic Party by supporting initiatives to increase participation in the electoral process and providing a platform to get involved in issues that impact their lives while living abroad and the lives of their families in their home states.

We have seen in the past years how elected leaders overtly undermined the democratic principles from which the nation was founded, by:

  • making voting more complicated thereby restricting voters from full, unfettered participation;
  • restricting voting by traditionally Democratic groups such as people of color, LGBTQ, most immigrants, college students; and
  • corrupting the election process by approving Citizen United law and related legislation to promote raising dark money deployed to disinform and undermine elections and voter participation.

These are serious issues that need to be addressed, and we, the people, have the power to change them by the power of our votes VoteFromAbroad. Get involved in your state elections by joining your Facebook State Groups, check upcoming state and general elections through www.ballotpedia.org, campaign, donate, and ensure that democratic candidates win local, state, and national elections.

The core work of DAHK is dedicated towards mobilizing Americans to vote for Democratic candidates in state and national elections. To support this agenda, we:

  • Recruit new members to expand the membership base.
  • Mobilize volunteers through phone banking to ensure they register and vote on time.
  • Help voters understand how to register and vote from abroad.

DAHK supports, as well, the following issues and advocacies to effect policy reform effecting American citizens in Hong Kong:

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James B Lockett Jr, Chair
[email protected]
Democrats Abroad – Hong Kong


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