March 12, 2019

Elections for 2019 DA Switzerland Executive Committee

Published Nominations for the nine elected positions on the 2019-2021 Executive Committee (ExCom) of Democrats Abroad Switzerland, and for the three elected DPCA Voting Representative positions, closed on Sunday March 3. Listed below are the nominated candidates. All offices will be elected on Sunday April 7 at the DA Switzerland Annual General Meeting. At that meeting, additional nominations will be allowed from the floor. All candidates will be given time for a brief statement to the members.

Candidates below are listed according to office, in the same order the offices will be elected at the AGM. Within each office, candidates appear alphabetically by last name, showing their city of residence and their statements. In the interest of readability, we display here only the candidates' names. Click the office title to see their full statements on the pages that follow.


Nominated Candidates

Office: Chair (1)

  • Kelli Brouillet (Basel)

Office: Vice-Chair (2)

  • Farid ben Amor (Geneva)
  • Vance A. White (Buus, Basel region)

Office: Secretary (1)

  • Elizabeth Voss (Basel)

Office: Treasurer (1)

  • Meli Hughes (Basel)

Office: Counsel

  • (No Nominations)

Office: Member-at-Large – Communications and Media (1)

  • Lyndsay Obbarius Grieder (Basel)

Office: Member-at-Large – undesignated (3 positions)

  • (No Nominations)

Office: Voting Representative to the DPCA (3 positions)

  • (No Nominations)


Voting Method

Americans who are DA members as of Friday April 5th may vote. Please register at the online form here to indicate your attendance at the AGM. You may vote in one of the following ways:

  • In-person voting: Printed ballots will be distributed at the meeting.

    If you cannot participate in person, a second possibility is available:
  • Vote by proxy: Request a proxy form from [email protected]. Send a copy of your completed and signed proxy form to us by April 5th, and give it to your chosen attending proxy member before the AGM. Any voter at the meeting may hold at most two proxies.


Election Process

At the meeting, the twelve offices will be elected one by one, in the order shown above. Nominations for office may be made from the floor, as write-in candidates. This includes listed candidates who did not win their announced race. All candidates will be given two minutes to address the members. Voting by advance ballot will not be available.

This election process aligns with that used at DA international meetings. Voters will be able to meet and hear the candidates in person, before choosing.