December 27, 2023

Proposed Changes to the DA Germany Bylaws

At the upcoming 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM), we will be voting on amendments to the Bylaws. You can review the proposed amendments here (Round 1) and here (Round 2), as these will be presented in two rounds of voting.
  • Green highlighting reflects proposed additions to our Bylaws.
  • Red highlighting reflects proposed deletions to existing language in the Bylaws.
  • Yellow highlighting reflects current Bylaws language that we propose changing in some manner (which may be as simple as changing case, etc)

If you have any questions, you can contact the Bylaws Committee at [email protected].

Members are welcome to vote on these changes at the AGM, which will be held in Essen from January 19-21, 2024. There is an option to participate online. More information is available on the event page.