July 21, 2022

GWC July / August 2022 Newsletter

Letter from the Editor

Dear Member,

This is not lightly stated: the Republican party is blatantly pursuing an agenda to strip the rights and freedoms from women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and our youth. They have succeeded in the establishment of a conservative Supreme Court that is threatening the long fought-for protections of equality and rights. They are pursuing tactics that undermine the democratic practice of free and fair elections. They are doing this without full representation of the people and they are not heeding our cry!

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the course of deciding our future. The Global Women’s Caucus is preparing to mobilize our members to make sure we Get Out the Vote in November for the midterms. We have the chance to ensure that pro-choice and pro-equality candidates win their seats, and WE NEED YOU! 

As the GWC continues to grow, we need your help. Join our team for this very important midterm year. Consider volunteering with us, help friends and family register to vote, or donate! Make sure you’re registered to vote in 2022 here!

We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Stayce Camparo, Communications Co-director, Global Women’s Caucus

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Phone-banking is one of the most effective ways that we use to reach out to new voters to make sure that they are registered to vote and to make sure that WE WIN in November!

Join us for our NEW monthly PHONEBANKING STAMMTISCH on the first Sunday of each month at 6 p.m.! Read more here

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DA-Netherlands and the DA Global LGBTQ+ Caucus is inviting you to join us in Amsterdam for CanalPride the weekend of August 5-7

Get information on how to participate here.

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RSVP to join one of our upcoming Zoom calls and learn more about our Violence Against Women research project that provides tactical and practical information to American women overseas who find themselves in violent situations. Our efforts also go towards advocating for legislation stateside.

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The GWC Reproductive Justice Team is launching a project to promote voter registration under the theme Reproductive Justice for ALL. Get information on how to participate here

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For a full list of events, including from other caucuses & chapters, visit our Events page.


Even if we expected it, the issuance of the Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v Mississippi was a punch to the gut. Our country is now divided into women who can get abortions and those who can’t. And those who can’t are women who are poor – minorities who cannot travel, have no child care, have no health insurance and are stuck in black holes of despair, thanks to the Supreme Court’s refusal to recognize the right to privacy, a right constructed out of the 9th and 14th amendments decades ago. How fair is that? Equal Rights for All? Says who? The constitutional right to privacy long established by the court  has been abolished and the next attack is sure to come.

BUT, we cannot stand still. We must  motivate the troops and  gather together to go back to work to claim back our rights. The RJ team has lost no time. On Sunday  June 26, we held an emergency zoom call organized by Dani Follett, DAF’s Chair and Angela Fobbs to discuss the situation. The main thrust of our work now is to get out the vote and take back the Senate so that we can vote for the Women’s Health Protection Act, which has been defeated by the Republicans twice. Without this Federal legislation, one half of our country will continue to legislate its theology and punish women, making a mockery of the separation of church and state, and pushing women back into the dark ages. 

For all updates, see our RJ blog and join our team by sending Salli an email here: [email protected]

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Women Safe Abroad Project Update 

The initial purpose of this project was to identify ways to support the U.S. Victims of gender-based violence overseas who currently have no easily accessible, full-range safety net to meet their needs. Click here to read about the specific and important work we are doing in conjunction with Pathways to Safety International to address this problem. Please join the DA GWC Women Safe Abroad Project and help address the problems of gender-based violence in the US and around the globe. Contact: Marnie Delaney at [email protected]

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The Violence Against Women Action Team hopes you can help remove guns from the hands of potential murderers, including the two abusers every day in the United States who murder their intimate partners and the countless others who every day use guns to intimidate, coerce, control and terrorize them. These women need your help by ensuring you are registered and ready to vote for candidates who support the essential legislation necessary to reduce gun crime - including legislation to:

  • require background checks for all gun sales 
  • ensure that no terrorist can buy a weapon in the United States 
  • ban the sale and possession of unserialized firearms — ghost guns 
  • ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines 
  • repeal gun manufacturers’ protection from liability

Check your voting status, register, and request your ballot here

For more information click here to visit our blog.

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To volunteer with any of our teams, simply fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

International News

On the steaming afternoon of June 18th, the Global Women’s Caucus gathered in Paris on zoom and created more heat during a passionate seminar on the state of women’s rights in the United States. The program started with the co founders, Connie Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier, recounting how the first women’s caucus in Paris began thanks to a visit  by  Bella Abzug and a fabulous slide show showing the year of the women in 1992 and the activities of the Global Women’s Caucus. This rousing introduction was followed by an incisive panel on reproductive freedom with guest panelists Carrie Baker from Ms Magazine and Julie Kay who is the co-author of “Controlling Women-What We Must Do Now to Save Reproductive Freedom,” both of whom joined us from the United States on zoom. We then learned all about the stalemate of the ERA and the refusal of the US archivist (who has since retired) to include the 28th amendment in the Constitution despite its being ratified by the required 38 States. We then heard from three brilliant younger feminists on the future of feminism and our challenges.  The day ended with a review by John McQueen, our resident election Yoda, of the races we need to win.

And it was not just work and no play… We all celebrated with dinner at a venerable Paris restaurant on Saturday evening! 

For those of you who missed the 30th Anniversary Celebration, click here to read all about it, watch the recording, and read the notes.



Speech: The Will to Change
By: Stayce Camparo

I was invited to speak about the will to change, and there is obviously a lot of change for us to do. I hope to leave you with the idea of a different kind of change that is already in motion, and perhaps the reason for the grossly felt assault against our rights today.  Read more...

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Speech: Climate and Women
By: Angela Fobbs

I was invited to talk about the climate catastrophe we are experiencing and why it is imperative that women take the lead on climate action and change. There are fewer women in the oil and gas industry than in almost any other major industry; only 22%. This is not a coincidence; I don't think this destructive and violent field isn’t compatible with our nature.  Read more...

Artist Corner

Aaron Copeland’s Lincoln Portrait, featuring Felicia Rashad and the National Symphony Orchestra

Youtube Performance


Conductor Andre Kostelanetz commissioned Copland to write a musical portrait of an "eminent American" for the New York Philharmonic. Copland chose President Abraham Lincoln, and used material from speeches and letters of Lincoln, as well as original folk songs of the period, including "Camptown Races" and "On Springfield Mountain".[1] Copland finished Lincoln Portrait in April 1942.

The first performance was by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on 14 May 1942, with William Adams as the narrator.  Because of his leftist views, Copland was blacklisted and Lincoln Portrait withdrawn from the 1953 inaugural concert for President Eisenhower.

-Taken from Wikipedia, July 5, 2022

In Closing

The livelihoods, rights, and equalities of women are under attack! We need pro-choice leadership to win the midterms, which means we need you to help us fight. Consider joining the Global Women’s Caucus, and connecting with thousands of others as we build our community strong. As a member, you can receive newsletters and meet other Americans at our events. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Our website is constantly being updated with news and actions to get you and your family involved in the noble campaign for women.

And please remember that because we are a 100% all-volunteer organization, your donation goes a long, long way.

Even a tiny contribution means a lot to us!

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Thank you for reading this issue, and please share with your friends and family.

In solidarity,

The Global Women’s Caucus