GYC Celebrates Halloween: Costume Party/ Whodunnit Mystery

Halloween is right around the corner… Join the Global Youth Caucus as we celebrate this scary day!

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Write to your Representatives

If we want meaningful climate action, we must demand it from our representatives.  The best way to do that is to contact them.  Here is a pre-wrtten letter you can send to your representatives.  Be sure to add in a personal example, too!  

Click on the image here to download the pdf!

Read About Miguel's Experience Volunteering in the Georgia Run-Offs


It’s José Miguel Madrigal, a Democrats Abroad Global Youth Caucus member from Costa Rica.  

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GYC Hosts Mental Health and Yoga Workshop

Last week, the GYC hosted a Mental Health and Yoga Workshop to provide our members with a safe space for self-improvement and relaxation!

Ann Grandchamp, a mental health professional, joined us to talk about strategies we can use to combat mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.  Then, Priscilla Sarnau, a certified yoga instructor, led us through a wonderful and restorative yoga session. Our members had a great time! 

A very big thank you to Ann and Priscilla for being there with us and another big thank you to our members who joined!

If you were not able to join us or if you want a refresher, you can re-watch the event here.

Help Get Out the Vote!

The elections are right around the corner, and here are some ways you can help us create a BLUE WAVE:

help get out the vote

  1. Stay informed by following us on social media (@DemsAbroadYouth)
  2. Reach out to others to help them register and request their ballots
  3. Hang up Vote From Abroad posters
  4. Train to be a phone banker (its' easy!)
  5. Then, join one of the many available phone banking outreach campaigns
  6. If you want to help but don't have much free time, consider making a donation here.
  7. Re-share informational posts to help others learn how to vote
  8. Create your own posts encouraging others to vote
  9. Attend Democrats Abroad Global Youth Caucus events to get excited about the elections (here's one coming up soon)
  10. Join other caucuses to get involved with other issues you care about 

Please contribute in any way you can—with your time, your voice, or with other resources. We can make a difference if we actively engage together.  

Youth Caucus Call-A-Thon

When? August 8 and 15, 2020 – 09:00 to 21:00 CEST; 00:00-12:00 PDT; 03:00-15:00 EDT; 15:00-03:00 HKT

Where? Online via CallHub


As the GYC, we believe the voice of every eligible voter matters. Therefore, we want to increase voter participation from abroad to ensure victory in November!

What is it?

The GYC Call-a-Thon is a fundraising calling marathon. Our phonebankers will make as many calls as they can between 9am-9pm CEST on August, 8, 2020 to remind DA members to request their ballots. The GYC and callers will work together to secure sponsors to help us reach our calling goals and generously provide the funds we need to keep our voter outreach projects going strong through November!

How can YOU help?

First, please RSVP to the event. Then, use this form to let us know how many calls you will commit to making during the call-a-thon. In about 1 hour, a caller can make up to 30 calls – that is 30 potential voters reached!

  • We also ask you to find sponsors to donate money to support our efforts. You can share this link with your friends and family to secure pledges for your calling commitment. Your sponsors may donate whatever amount they would like! But remember, the more money we raise, the more voters we will reach! However, we understand this may be a difficult time for many people, so please only do what you can.
  • Please also share this event with other Democrats Abroad members and encourage them to join our effort!
  • If you are unable to participate in the call-a-thon, but would still like to donate money to assist us with our efforts, please do so here.

Never used Callhub or made calls before?

Sign up here for a Callhub Training event on August 5!  You'll get a complete walk through and hands on training on how to help DA Get Out The Vote!

Global Youth Caucus Launched!

As the generation poised to take responsibility for the economic, political, and social issues of the future, the perspective of young people will be vital to any policy question. Young voters are an underrepresented demographic, and struggle to make their voices heard. Despite the political landscape, youth across the world are making their desire for widespread change known. The future belongs to the youth.

Never has it been a more exciting time to be a Global Youth Caucus (GYC) member! The GYC is working to expand, which means we are looking for more volunteers. There are options to volunteer at the global, national, or chapter level - so pick what commitment is best for you and let us know how you want to get involved.




We look forward to connecting with you!




Youth Caucus

The Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to generating awareness of the concerns of young Americans and the challenges they face for the purpose of informing party policy-making and improving party outreach and organizing. The Youth Caucus will provide a platform for young Democrats abroad - those who are and those who seek to become politically active - to engage in and lead on issues and campaigns important to them.

Contact Email: [email protected]


The Youth Caucus will be “youth-led” but open to those of all ages who support these central aims.

The Youth Caucus will/proposes to:

  • Build political engagement by young Americans Democrats abroad. Initiatives will make young Americans abroad aware of:  voter registration and voting from abroad; issue education, advocacy and activism, especially youth-led and youth-related;  candidates and campaigns, especially those of young Democrats;  US political and election organizing from abroad; and overseas and domestic youth networks, contacts and resources.
  • Sponsor issue-focused Working Groups: The Caucus will engage young Democrats abroad in issues advocacy by inviting them to join teams studying particular issues (eg Environmental Sustainability Working Group) and developing and coordinating youth-led advocacy activities and campaigns.
  • Establish web-based communication channels for on-going youth outreach: A Youth Caucus Blog on the Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus webpage will provide continuous access to the work of the Youth Caucus and facilitate participation by members globally.
  • Work online. Membership will not be constrained by physical location. All general meetings, campaigns, fundraisers etc. will be conducted online via Skype, Social Media, Email, and Online Markets.
  • Encourage caucus members to organize live local events and gatherings for political education and outreach, issues advocacy or socializing.
  • Be youth-led, with a leadership team made up of volunteers from around the world aged between 18 and 35.
  • Engage with US-based Young Democrats or College Democrats groups to share information, advice, intelligence and ideas, build networks and to cross-promote each other.