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    Leadership Board Candidate Jim Spear

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Treasurer
    At-Large Board Member: Advisor, Member At-Large
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Jim Spear, 萨洋 in Chinese. I'm a designer and sustainable tourism business person based in Mutianyu Village near the Great Wall who has lived in China since 1986. Before coming to China I earned degrees at UC Berkeley and served in the U.S. Army. I have been married to Liang Tang for 35 years and we have two adult daughters, Lauren and Emily, who now live in New York. I am a registered voter in Arizona. Democrats Abroad is working toward a more inclusive society that respects and protects the rights and interests of the vast majority of American citizens and residents. This includes supporting diversity. Our party also believes in stewarding our home, this planet Earth, with policies that protect the environment and limit human-caused climate change. I feel that participation in an organized political party with these decent principles is a way I can help make a difference. I would be honored to have the chance to serve as a member of the Leadership Board here in China and if elected I will do my best to be accessible, to keep an open mind, and to be active. Because of my business experience I think I could also make a contribution on the Executive Committee in the role of Treasurer. I am proud to be a Democrat and I ask you to support me for the Board. Thank you. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Aaron Kruse

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Chair; Vice Chair; Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: Events
    Based in: Beijing

    I have been involved in political organizing for the past eight years, and I have extensive experience working in China. As the Content Manger of Marketing and Communications at the American Chamber of Commerce in China, I am also backed by a network of experienced professionals that can help DA China overcome the numerous challenges that beset all new organizations and set upon a course for stability.

    As a founding member and 2-term Vice President of the Political Science Graduate Student Association at Missouri State University, I was also elected to serve two terms on the Graduate Student Senate and oversaw a budget of more than $250,000 and was responsible for programs that benefitted more than 26,000 students. My academic work in political mobilization, voter communication strategy, and emotional framing also position me to uniquely contribute to the establishment of Democrats Abroad.

    If elected, my goals would be to:

    • Organize resources and activates for Democrats across every part of China, including monthly activities in active cities for members and virtual meetings for the leadership team.

    • Recruit Democrats in China to our organization by developing specific communication strategies to recruit different based on the different profiles of members most likely to get involved.

    • Advocate for DA China with the experience and backing of the professional organizers and Democrats that have organized for DA in Asia and for the Democratic Party in the US.

    I ask for your vote so that I can bring my passion and experience to bear on the task of organizing Democrats Abroad in China. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Elizabeth Jenkins

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: Women's Caucus Lead; Progressive Caucus Lead; GOTV Lead
    Based in: Beijing

    I am a registered Democrat in Michigan, where I was born, and a University of Michigan alumna. I first traveled to China in 1999 and started studying Chinese in Kunming at Yunnan Shifan Daxue in 2006. Based in Beijing since October 2012, I worked as the Head of Analytics for Greenpeace East Asia and now take care of my 2-year-old daughter full time. I very much want to see DA China succeed in providing a meaningful way for members to stay actively engaged with the political process back home. I am a veteran of progressive politics and the labor movement, having worked in data and communications for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Service Employees International Union. I want to offer my skills in technology and communication to strengthen our community and overcome the challenges we face in connecting members across China and in reaching out to long term residents and those who may stay in China for only a short time. I currently volunteer for the Indivisible Guide, helping moderate their online forum for group leaders. I have never run for office of any kind before, but I am motivated by these emerging leaders and feel an obligation to do more. In particular, I see the difference it makes to have techies and women step up to take the lead. I am ready to get to work and mobilize Democrats across China. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Joseph Good

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member Positions: LGBT Caucus Lead; Youth Caucus Lead
    Based in: Beijing


    Hi everybody! My name is Joe Good, and I'm a student in a post-grad program at Peking University. I'm originally from Southern California but pursued my undergraduate studies in Oregon, where I also worked for the Governor and then a State Senator for three years. As a Legislative Assistant, I worked on passing common-sense background check legislation for firearm sales and criminal justice reform. With the recent election of Donald Trump, I feel it absolutely necessary to engage and build a stronger Democratic Party. As a 22 year old member of the LGBT community, I feel I can best do so as either the LGBT Caucus Lead or the Youth Caucus Lead. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions! EMAIL

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    2017 Candidates for DA China Leadership Board

    Eighteen Nominees for the first DA China Leadership Board

    In response to the DACN AGM announcement of April 6th, 2017, the following candidates have stepped forward to run for the Leadership Board of DA China, by the April 19th deadline. All have been vetted and qualified by the NEC.

    The Leadership Board election will be held on May 6th, 2017. Out of the 11 Member Leadership Board will then be elected the Executive Committee of DA China. For more information, please see here.

    For this first round of voting, all members of DA China are strongly encouraged to review each candidate and their accompanying statement beforehand, and to contact them with any questions you may have at the email link provided.

    Questions? Please contact the DA China Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) at

    Ada Shen
    Rich Welch
    Radha Chaddah

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