During presidential election years, our focus is on organizing and running our Global Presidential Primary, getting out the vote, and advocating for overseas citizen issues.

As the official organization for Democrats living outside the US, we give American citizens abroad a Democratic voice in US politics and government. This means we:

  • Represent Democrats living outside the US at the Democratic National Committee and the national convention, to help select the Democratic party presidential nominee.
  • Help citizens abroad vote in US elections and protect their right to vote.
  • Advocate in the US about issues that concern US citizens abroad, such as taxation, healthcare, and immigration.
  • Build communities of like-minded Americans around the world.
  • Turn US-based actions — like the Women’s March, March for Science and March for Our Lives on gun safety — into worldwide movements.
  • Help elect Democrats in every congressional district in the US.
  • Work with the broader Democratic Party to achieve our goals.

We also offer members the platform to raise awareness and advocate for change through our 7 caucuses:


Press Requests

In person, phone, or on-camera interviews are available upon request. Democrats Abroad leaders around the world possess a wealth of knowledge on key issues facing citizens abroad and the elections process. To reach any of these individuals, please visit democratsabroad.org and select your location under “Countries.”

For global enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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